TMT 2010
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This year Organising Committee decided to bring something new and refreshing to our participants - Mediteranean Sea Cruising. The tour . starting from city Livorno (Italy) with stops in Montecarlo, Valencia, Ibiza, Tunis, Catania, Naples.

Conference will take place on the Cruise Ship during sailing tour.

Metting point - Livorno, Italy - Porto Livorno 2000 Stazione Marittima, Terminal Crociere. Additional options - Valencia, Spain.
Nearest aiports are in Firenze (airport Perotola), Pisa (airport Galileo Galilei) and in Valencia (airport Valencia).

Country Service Cabin (I: Inside; O: Outside) Port Taxes Travel and Health Insurance
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BiH (KM) Mediterranean
Cruising Tour
7 FB
I 2094,00 1417,00 1211,00 1111,00 225,00 22,00
O 2254,00 1515,00 1371,00 1271,00
Other (EURO) I 1070,00 724,00 619,00 568,00 115,00 Obligatory
O 1151,00 774,00 700,00 649,00

Video about MSC Sinfonia Cruiser: Low quality (300x240) High quality (450x360)

Date Place Comment
Sept. 10th (Friday) Zenica, BiH Starting point! oarding on at 15:00. Bisstours Travel Agency - Traveling via Doboj - B. Brod - Zagreb - Ljubljana - Trieste - Bologne - Firenze.
Sept. 11th (Saturday) Livorno Arrival to Pisa (early morning). Free time. Departure from Pisa at 15:00
Boarding on MSC Sinfonia Cruiser (Porto Livorno 2000 Stazione Marittima, Terminal Crociere) until 17:00 h. Accommodation! Sailing out from Port Livorno at 19:00.
Sept. 12th (Sunday) Monte Carlo Sailing in the port La Condamine (Monte Carlo) at 07:00 h. Free Time. Boarding at 12:00. Sailing out from the port at 13:00. TMT 2010 Program
Sept. 13th (Monday) Valencia Sailing in Port of Valencia at 13:00. Free Time.
Boarding and Sailing out from Port Valencia at 18:00. TMT 2010 WELCOME DRINK
Sept. 14th (Tueday) Ibiza Sailing in Port Balearis (Ibiza) at 01:30. Free Time.
Boardin on and Sailing out at 12:00. TMT 2010 program.
Sept. 15th (Wednesday) Tunisia TMT 2010 program. Sailing in the Port La Goulette (Tunisia) at 14:30. Free Time. Boarding and sailing out at 19:00.
Sept. 16th (Thursday) Catania TMT 2010 program. Sailing in Port Taormina (Catania) at 14:00. Free Time.
Boarding and sailing out at 19:00.
Sept. 17th (Friday) Napoli Sailing in Port Naples at 10:00. Free Time. Sailing out towards Livorno at 19:00. TMT 2010 Farewell dinner..
Sept. 18th (Saturday) Livorno Sailing into Port Livorno (2000 Stazione Marittima, Terminal Crociere) at 10:00. Check out until 11:00. At 11:30 travel back to Zenica via Pisa - Firenze...
Sept. 19th (Sunday) Zenica Arrival to Zenica in the afternoon hours

*NOTE: BISS Tours Travel agency organise facultative touristic tours (not included in offer) in each city stop during cruising!
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