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Journal of Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology
Vol. 20, No. 1, 2016, ISSN 2303-4009 (online)
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Senay Yalcin, Dr. Irene Buj Corral

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Title Authors Full text
Improved Neural Models For Roughness In Honing Processes Maurici Sivatte-Adroer, Xavier Llanas-Parra, Irene Buj-Corral (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Influence Of Cutting Parameters On Cutting Force During Dry Machining Of High-Alloy Steel Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Adnan Softić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis Of Tool Wear During Machining Of Hardened Tool Steel Muhamed Mehmedović, Emir Šarić, Samir Butković (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Study Of The Lateral Pass Width For Conventional And Ultrasonic Vibrations-Assisted Ball Burnishing On Ti-6Al-4V Specimens Jerez-Mesa, R., Gomez-Gras, G., Llumà-Fuentes, Travieso-Rodriguez, J.A. (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation Of The First Operation Of A Deep Drawing Process Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Ibrahim Plančić, Adnan Softić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
FEM Simulation Of Aluminium Alloy On The High Temperature Milanko Damjanovic, Milan Vukcevic, Nikola Sibalic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison Of Thermal Performance Of 3d Printer Liquefiers Through Finite Element Models Jerez-Mesa, R., Travieso-Rodriguez, J.A., Gomez-Gras, G., Llumà-Fuentes, J., Traver- Ramos, O. (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Injection Parameters And Cavity Position On Mim Green Part Mass Emir Šarić, Muhamed Mehmedović, Samir Butković (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Multi-Response Optimization Of Ball-End Milling Parameters Using The Taguchi-Based Grey Relational Analysis Milenko Sekulić, Vlastimir Pejić, Marin Gostimirović, Zoran Jurković* (Serbia, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Microstructure And Hardness Of The Friction Stir Welding Nikola Sibalic, Milan Vukcevic, Mileta Janjic, Srdjan Martic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Weldability Of Heat-Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced By Sintering Samir Butković, Muhamed Mehmedović, Emir Šarić, Almir Softić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling Of FSW Process As An Aspect Of Application In Manufacturing Petar Tasić, Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Review Of Strength – Toughness Relationship For Various Structural Steels Grades Ismar Hajro, Damir Hodžić, Petar Tasić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Impact Toughness Of Regenerative Heat Treated Steel
Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro, Petar Tasić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Stress Analysis And Microstructure Of The Al2O3/Cu/MgB2 wires S. Ataoglu, M. Tosun, T. Baytak, A. Donmez, O. Bulut, C. Ipek (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Residual Stress And Microstructure Of YSZ Buffer Layers For YBCO Coated Conductor O. Bulut, A. Donmez, T. Baytak, M. Tosun, C. Ipek, S. Ataoglu, O. Cakiroglu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Temeperature On Stress Of Y2O3-ZrO2 Insulation Coating On Stainles Steel Tape A. Donmez, O. Bulut, T. Baytak, M. Tosun, S. Ataoglu, C. Ipek, O. Cakiroglu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence Of Phosphate Binder And Activator Binding To The Physical Properties Of Refractory Concrete Ilhan Bušatlić, Nadira Bušatlić, Petar Petrovski (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
High Voltage Breakdown Properties Of Sol-GEL MgO–ZrO2 Insulation Coatings Under Compresion at 300 K and 77 K O. Cakiroglu, L. Arda (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Sol-Gel Insulation Of Cu/MgB2 Wires L. Arda, A. Gungör (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Twisted MgB2 Superconducting Wire For Power Transmission Applications A. Güngör, L. Arda (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Mechanical Tests For Accelerated Testing Of Mineral Lubricants With Respect To Its Degradation Darko Lovrec (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Thermal Tests For Testing Of Degradation Behaviour Of Mineral Based Hydraulic Oils Darko Lovrec, Vito Tič (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Measuring Economic And Social Impacts Of Hyperconnectivity: A Cross-Country Efficiency Comparison Erkan Bayraktar & Ekrem Tatoglu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Model Of Production And Export Value Chain For The Sector Of Metalworking And Automobile Parts In Tešanj’s Municipality Ismar Alagić, Darko Peković, Ranko Božićković (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Application Of B/C Method For The Analysis Of Alternative Project Solutions In Hydro Energy Milan Vukcevic, Petar Avdalovic*, Nikola Sibalic, Mileta Janjic(Montenegro, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
CFD-Based Investigation Of Power Plant Fly Ash High Concentration Slurry Flow Through Horizontal Pipe Contraction Sadjit Metović, Ejub Džaferović, Nihad Hodžić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling The Fluid Flow Around Angled Profiles Using Successive Conformal Mappings Elma Ekinović, Nedim Hodžić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Damage Identification In Beams Using Adopted Functional Minimization Elma Ekinović, Nedim Hodžić, Sabahudin Ekinović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Impact Of Thin Disc Modeling On Modal Characteristics Of Axial Structures Elma Ekinović, Nedim Hodžić, Edin Begović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Design Of A Test Bench For Measuring Friction Force In A Piston-Cylinder System Irene Buj-Corral, Enrique Zayas-Figueras, Jesús Andrés Álvarez-Florez, Ernesto Gutiérrez-González (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Developing Of New Technology For Repairs Of Branch Connection Defects Augustín Sládek, Marek Patek, Radoslav Koňár, Miloš Mičian, Michal Sventek (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence Of Human Capital And Organizational Capital On The Organizational Innovation Ahmet Beşkese And Elif Haktanir (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF