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Journal of Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology
Vol. 18, No. 1, 2014, ISSN 2303-4009 (online)
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Senay Yalcin, Dr. Joan Vivancos Calvet

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Physical Background Of Measurement Techniques In Advanced Technologies Rajfa Musemić pdfdownload PDF
Cutting Parameters In The Minimum Quantity Lubricant (Mql) Machining Process Of A Gearbox J. Antonio Travieso-Rodríguez, Giovanni Gómez-Gras, Silvia García-Vilana, Ferran Mainau-Noguer pdfdownload PDF
Prediction Of The Main Cutting Force In Drilling By Kienzle Equation Milenko Sekulić, Pavel Kovač, Marin Gostimirović,
Miodrag Hadžistević, Zoran Jurković
pdfdownload PDF
Development Of An Inverse Model For Honing Processes By Means Of Neural Networks Maurici Sivatte-Adroer, Xavier Llanas-Parra, Irene Buj-Corral, Joan Vivancos-Calvet pdfdownload PDF
Study Of Alternatives For Obtaining Statistical Correlation Models For Modelling The Rough Honing Process Irene Buj-Corral, Joan Vivancos-Calvet, Bernat Soler-Sala pdfdownload PDF
Cold Air Dry Machining, Part 1: Experimental Setup Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Belma Fakić, Adisa Burić, Aida Čeliković pdfdownload PDF
Cold Air Dry Machining, Part 2: Sem And Metallographic Analysis Of The Chip Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Belma Fakić, Adisa Burić, Aida Čeliković pdfdownload PDF
Ball-Burnishing Vibration-Assisted Process Giovanni Gómez Gras, J. Antonio Travieso-Rodríguez,Hernán González-Rojas, Amelia Nápoles-Alberro, Francisco Carrillo, Gilles Dessein pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Studies On CO2 Laser Cutting Of Low Alloy Steel Using Oxygen As Assist Gas Đerzija Begić-Hajdarević, Ahmet Čekić, Ahmed Kadrić pdfdownload PDF
Some Specific Aspects Regarding The Manufacturing Of Special Worm Gear Drives Csaba Gyenge, Valentin Boca, Calin Marian pdfdownload PDF
Influence Of Cooling Fluid Application On Tool Wear During Machining Of Hardened Chrome Nickel Steel Muhamed Mehmedović, Sabahudin Ekinović, Emir Šarić, Samir Butković pdfdownload PDF
Application Of Modeling And Simulation In Reengineering Of Manufacturing Processes Milan Jurkovic, Zoran Jurkovi*, Goran Cukor, Miran Brezocnik, Milenko Sekulic pdfdownload PDF
Capturing Of Workpiece Change Shape Of Deformation In Open Dies Mileta Janjić, Sreten Savićević, Nikola Šibalić pdfdownload PDF
Simulation Of The Heat Distribution By The Forward Cold Flow Forming Ibrahim Plančić, Malik Čabaravdić, Edin Begović, Sebastian Härtel, Stefan Kleditzsch pdfdownload PDF
Friction Stir Welding Of Copper Alloys Milan Vukčević, Nikola Šibalić, Mileta Janjić pdfdownload PDF
Determination Of Mechanical Properties Of Copper Alloys, Obtained By Fsw Process Nikola Šibalić, Milan Vukčević, Sreten Savićević pdfdownload PDF
Verification Of Predicted Thermo-Cycles During Linear Friction Welding Petar Tasić, Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro pdfdownload PDF
Influence Of Heat Treatment On The Properties Of Steel 17-7ph With Modified Chemical Composition Belma Fakić, Milenko Rimac, Adisa Burić, Diana Ćubela, Mihyar Noureldin Mahmoud pdfdownload PDF
Integrity Assessment Of Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks Due To The Corrosion Metal Loss Ismar Hajro, Damir Hodžić, Petar Tasić pdfdownload PDF
Regenerative Heat Treatment Of Heat Resistant Steel 14MoV6-3 Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro, Petar Tasić pdfdownload PDF
Structural Analysis Of Some Bi-Ga-Ni Alloys D.Živković, D.Manasijević, S.Nestorović, N.Talijan, V.Ćosović, Lj.Balanović, N.Štrbac, D.Minić, M.Sokić pdfdownload PDF
Kinetics Of Crystallization In Partially Crystalline Metallic Glass Zr53Cu40Al7 Matej Lozančić, Amra Salčinović Fetić, Ljerka Slokar, Nusret Bajrović, Suada Sulejmanović pdfdownload PDF
Preparation, Growth, and Optical Properties Of of (Al/Mg) Co-Doped ZnO Thin Films A. Gungör, D. Akcan, L. Arda pdfdownload PDF
Testing Influence Of Sulfate On Corrosion Rate Of Steel Reinforcement In Concrete Caused By Action Of Chloride Farzet Bikić pdfdownload PDF
NiFe2O4 Nanocrystalline Powders Precipitated With Addition Of Soluble Starch As A Dispersing Agent Vladan R. Ćosović, Nadežda M. Talijan, Dragana T. Živković, Aleksandar R. Ćosović, Tomáš Žák, Bohumil David pdfdownload PDF
Implementation Of Intelligent Manufacturing Algorithms In Agile Architectures For Production: World Models For Systems Incorporating Binary And Continuous Variables Joaquim Minguella Canela, Irene Buj Corral, Joan Ramon Goma Ayats pdfdownload PDF
Sensor Application In Online Robot Programming Haris Lepić, Malik Čabaravdić pdfdownload PDF
Procedure For Visualization And Dynamic Analysis Of Robot Manipulator Vjekoslav Damić, Maida Čohodar Husić pdfdownload PDF
Application Of Ahp Method On Insurance Market In Montenegro Svetlana Rakocevic, Zdenka Dragasevic, Nevenka Glisevic pdfdownload PDF
Lean Concept In The Maintenance Miodrag Bulatović, Dušan Đurović pdfdownload PDF
A Model Proposal To Measure National Intellectual Capital Ahmet Beşkese, F. Tunç Bozbura, Gökhan Aldemir pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Investigation Of Heat And Mass Transfer From A Falling Liquid Film Adis Đedović, Šefko Šikalo pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Study Of Flooding And Flow Reversal In An Air–Water Annular Flow Šefko Šikalo, Ifet Ajanović pdfdownload PDF
Numerical And Experimental Investigation Of Liquid Film Motion On An Inclined Wall Muris Torlak, Belma Muhić, Šefko Šikalo, Dželila Voloder pdfdownload PDF
Prediction Of Heating Energy Consumption In University Buildings Based On Simplified Artificial Neural Networks Radiša Ž. Jovanović,Aleksandra A. Sretenović, Branislav D. Živković pdfdownload PDF
Implementation Of Autonomous Solar Systems For Power Supply Of Transport Facilities Aleksandar Stjepanović, Miroslav Kostadinović, Milorad Banjanin, Ferid Softić, Zlatko Bundalo pdfdownload PDF
Application Of Artificial Neural Networks For Prediction Of Heating Energy Consumption In University Buildings Radiša Ž. Jovanović, Aleksandra A. Sretenović, Branislav D. Živković pdfdownload PDF
Optimum Distribution Of Live Steam Production Between Three Units Of Power Plant Ljubljana Igor Kustrin, Igor Bole pdfdownload PDF
Wood Syngas As Co-Fuel In Industrial Furnaces Andrej Senegačnik, Igor Kuštrin, Mihael Sekavčnik pdfdownload PDF
Polutant’s Concentration In The Lake –Testing And Analysis Of A Model Rajfa Musemić, Selver Pepić pdfdownload PDF
Can Crusher Design In Response To Environmental Concerns Shaban A. Buza, Kastriot A. Buza, Krenar Pllana pdfdownload PDF
Assessment Of Mercury Pollution In Soils Along Jala And Spreča River Banks In Bosnia And Herzegovina Amira Cipurković, Ilvana Trumić, Vahida Selimbašić, Abdel Djozić, Jozo Tunjić, Zana Đulović Jusić pdfdownload PDF
Highway Empirical Traffic Flow Patterns And Regression Analysis Mugdim Pašić, Izet Bijelonja, Emir Gusinac pdfdownload PDF
Temperature-Invariant Material Standard For Monitoring Performance Of Machine Tools Bojan Acko, Matjaz Milfelner pdfdownload PDF
The Innovation Climate Within Bosnia And Herzegovina’s Organizations Darko Petkovic, Sanja Prodanovic, Hazim Basic pdfdownload PDF
Design Of An Electronic Test For Students’ Evaluation In The Subject Of Informatics Kastriot A. Buza, Florent Bunjaku, Shaban A. Buza pdfdownload PDF
A Phase Change Model For Multiphase Flows Adnan Mašić, Samir Muzaferija pdfdownload PDF
Analysis Of Stress-Strain State And Life Prediction Of Notched Structural Components Of Mine Hoists Mustafa Hadžalić, Mirsada Oruč, Raza Sunulahpašić pdfdownload PDF
Mode-Mixity In Numerical Simulation Of Frmm Test: Local Partitioning Using Cohesive Zone Josip Kačmarčik, Aleksandar Karač pdfdownload PDF
Theoretical Calculation Of Loaded Shells And Comparison With Obtained Numerical Results Sreten Savićević, Milan Vukčević pdfdownload PDF
Aplication Of Control Terms P1 And P2 To Estimation Of Rotation Curve Of Stars Branko M. Novakovic, Dubravko N. Majetic, Josip J. Kasac, Danko S. Brezak, Vladimir M. Milic pdfdownload PDF
Content And Language Integrated Learning - A Way Forward In Engineering Education Aida Tarabar pdfdownload PDF