TMT 2018
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21 st International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”
TMT 2018
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 18th – 22nd September, 2018
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Irene Buj Corral, Dr. Senay Yalcin

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Influence Of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Parameters On Surface Finish Of Plastic Parts Irene Buj-Corral, Lluís Marco-Almagro, Lourdes Rodero-de-Lamo, Alejandro Domínguez-Fernández (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Taguchi Based Screening Approach In The MQL Turning Process Of X5 CrNi 18-10 Stainless Steel Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Muhamed Mehmedović, Adnan Mustafić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling Of Cutting Forces In Ball-End Milling Using Response Surface Methodology And Genetic Algorithm Milenko Sekulić, Marin Gostimirović, Miodrag Hadžistević, Vlastimir Pejić* (Serbia, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Application Of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) During Machining Process Sabahudin Ekinović, Edin Begović, Mario Dragičević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Application Of Numerical Simulation For Optimization Of Deep Drawing Technology On The Example Of Redesigned Filter Cup Ibrahim Plančić, Edin Begović, Sabahudin Ekinović, Amina Ramić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Injection Molding Parameters On Weld Line Tensile Strength Edis Nasić, Emir Šarić, Jasmin Halilović, Džemal Kovačević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Measurements Of Force In Non-Conventional Method Of Joining Materials Nikola Šibalić, Milan Vukčević, Milanko Damjanović (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Technical And Economic Aspects Of Pulsed Mig Welding Of Al 5754 Petar Tasić, Damir Hodžić, Ismar Hajro (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Key Parameters Of Selection And Calculation Of Measurement Uncertainty Of Coriolis Flow-Meter Hazim Bašić, Almira Softić, Emir Baralić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Corrosion Behaviour Of Steel Nitronic 60 In Relation To Steel 316l Almaida Gigović-Gekić, Farzet Bikić, Hasan Avdušinović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Effects Of Building Condition On The Tensile Property Of FFF Timberfill Parts Mohammad Damous Zandi, Ramón Jerez Mesa, J. Antonio Travieso Rodriguez, Jordi Llumà i Fuentes (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
The Working Temperature Influence To Isothermal Treated Ductile Iron Tensile And Impact Strength Šehzudin Dervišić, Hasan Avdušinović, Ajla Huseljić, Fuad Hadžikadunić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence Of Aluminum-Chrome Phosphate On Compressive Strength Of Refractory Materials Nadira Bušatlić, Ilhan Bušatlić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Influence Of Skin-Pass Rolling On Strength And Ductile Properties Of Explosive Welded Three-Layers Strip Omer Beganović, Branka Muminović, Melisa Šabanović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Nickel Free Austenitic Stainless Steels Produced By Addition Of Nitrided Ferroalloys During Melting In Induction Furnace Jasmin Halilović, Samir Butković, Edis Nasić, Džemal Kovačević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Microstructure And Hardness Of Two Materials For Hammer Of Mills Belma Fakić, Branka Muminović, Armin Husika (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Friction And Hardness Characteristics Of Fdm-Printed Plastic Materials Sahar Zhiani Hervan, Zeynep Parlar, Vedat Temiz, Atakan Altınkaynak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Thermal Stability Of Austempered Ductile Iron Hasan Avdušinović, Almaida Gigović-Gekić, Šehzudin Dervišić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Ionic Liquids VS. Conventional Hydraulic Oils A Comparison Of Properties And Chalenges Darko Lovrec (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Solar Energy In Reducing Carbon Footprint Ismet Faruk Yaka, Abdulkadir Kocer, Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Determination Of Hydrogen Production Potential From Greenhouse Wastes By Gasification Antalya Example Abdulkadir Kocer, Ismet Faruk Yaka, Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Calculation And Analysis Of Air Emission From Future Thermal Power Plant Using Gaseous Fuels In Zenica Šefket Goletić, Jakuta Imširović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison Of Efficiency Of Reactor And Non-Reactor Composting Systems Of Sludge And Biowaste Muvedet Šišić, Nusret Imamović, Šefket Goletić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Structural And Optical Properties Of Y-Doped ZnO Films By SOL-GEL Process Rabia Jbeli*, Ali Güngör, Doğan Akcan, Lütfi Arda (*Tunisia, Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation, Growth, And Microstructural Properties Of Cr Doped ZnMgO Thin Films Lütfi Arda, Mehmet Can Alphan, Cihat Boyraz, Doğan Akcan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Temperature And Film Thickness On Residual Stress And Microstructure Of ZnO Thin Films Murat Tosun, Senol Ataoğlu, Cengiz İpek, Lütfi Arda, Cihat Boyraz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Mesoscopic Modeling Of Freezing Of Supercooled Water Edin Berberović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Volume-Of-Fluid Method For Interface Capturing In Free-Surface Flow Hydrodynamics In OpenFOAM® Edin Berberović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Supplier Selection With Ahp- Topsis Combination In Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Evrencan Özcan, Emir Hüseyin Özder, Tamer Eren (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
New Technologies And Renewable Energy Sources Zorka Jugović, Danijela Pecarski, Zoran Jevremović (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis Of Alternative Solutions For The Utilization Of Wind Energy Using Benefit/Cost Method Milan Vukcevic, Nikola Sibalic, Budimirka Marinovic*, Milanko Damjanović (Montenegro, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Optimal Business Model For Waste Heat Recovery From A Hydropower Plant Aleš Hribernik, Boštjan Gregorc, Tanja Markovič Hribernik (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Evaluation Of ORC System For Harvesting Rejected Heat Of IC Engine Aleš Hribernik (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis Of Risk Management In Control Of Vehicle Roadworthiness In Period 2015-2017 In The Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina Fuad Klisura, Dragana Agić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects Of Decision-Making In The Management Of The Life Cycle Of Vehicles In Public Transport Jusuf Borić, Mustafa Mehanović, Fuad Klisura, Dragana Agić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Factors Affecting The Online Purchase Intention Of Consumers In Turkey Gamze İnci, Ahmet Beşkese, Selim Zaim (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Impact Of Work Environment On Job Satisfaction Mediated By Organizational Culture Somaia Elhaggan, Ahmet Beşkese, Selim Zaim (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Agile And Waterfall Project Approaches In E-Commerce Projects: Comparison Of Two Cases Alper Camci, İrfan Özoğul (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Behavior Of Pension Plan Investors Under Regulatory Change - Performance, Cost And Fund Flows: Turkey Case Yaman O. Erzurumlu, İdris Ucardag (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Technology Developments On Atmospheric Mineral Aerosol Research Over The Western Balkans Jozef Bushati, Florian Mandija, Darko Petkovic*, Edmond Lukaj (Albania, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Are Sharpe, Adjusted Sharpe And Sortino Ranking Of Equity Funds Different? İrem Evelek, Yaman Omer Erzurumlu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Innovation In Transports – Low Cost Jozef Bushati, Adriana Galvani*, Darko Petkovic**, Aigars Andersons*** (Albania, *Italy, **B&H, ***Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical And Experimental Determination Of Flow Uniformity And Turbulence Intensity In An Open Low-Speed Wind Tunnel With A Closed Test Section Ernad Bešlagić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Technology For Production Smart Windows Minka Ćehić, *Salah-Eldien Omer (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
A Simulation Model To Improve Production Processes In An Implant Manufacturing Plant Muhammet Gul, Faruk Serin, Melih Yucesan, Erkan Celik (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Security Staff Scheduling Problem With Goal Programming Approach Evrencan Özcan, Emir Hüseyin Özder,Tamer Eren (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Project Selection By Using Constraint Programming Evrencan Özcan, Mustafa Hamurcu, Hacı Mehmet Alağaş, Tamer Eren (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Role Of Clil In Engineering Education In Bosnia And Herzegovina Aida Tarabar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Building And Arduino Based Remote Control Of The Robot With 3 Degress Of Freedom Malik Čabaravdić, Anel Husaković, Mehmed Čobo (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Building And Arduino Based Control Of Conveyor Belt For Sorting And Counting The Objects Malik Čabaravdić, Anel Husaković, Muhamed Podojak (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
An Overview Of Shape Memory Actuators As An Enabler For Industrial Services Christian Rathmann, Malik Cabaravdic* (Germany, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
A Genetic Algorithm Approach For Rebalancing Of Assembly Line Problem Zeynel Abidin Cil, Faruk Serin, Muhammet Gul, Erkan Celik, Süleyman Mete (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Mapping Between Relational Database Management Systems And Graph Database For Public Transportation Network Faruk Serin, Suleyman Mete, Muhammet Gul, Erkan Celik (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Light Up The Value Of Dark Data Dražena Gašpar, Mirela Mabić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation And Analysis Of The Performance Single- Phase One-Stage Photovoltaic System Nedzmija Demirovic, Alma Huremovic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
SED And FFT Methods For Analysis Of Roller Bearing Vibration Davorka Šaravanja, Marko Grbešić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Novel Multiplierless Comb Decimation Filter Based On Comb Zero-Rotation Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek, Isak Karabegovic* (Mexico, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Point Fixed Laminated Glass Stress Distribution Under Out Of Plane Load Eren Kalay, C. Erdem Imrak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison Of Analitical And Finite Element Analysis Of A Tower Crane Boom Umut Şahin, Adem Candaş, Muharrem E. Boğoçlu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
About The Own Frequency Of An Acoustic Membrane Luciu Alexandrescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization Of Longitudinally Stiffened Plates Under Compression Vesna Raspudić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Automotive Bonnet Hinges Shape Optimisation Using Linear FE Simulation & Comparative Method Džemal Kovačević, Denijal Sprečić, Jasmin Halilović, Edis Nasić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Analysis Of A Thermal Stress State For Industrial Composite Plates Tuğba Baytak, Osman Bulut (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Optimization Of A Commercial Vehicle’s Leaf Spring Connection Bracket Barış Çalışkan, Zeynep Parlar, Atakan Altınkaynak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect Of The Radial Lip Seal Geometry On Sealing Performance Görkem Tok, Zeynep Parlar, Vedat Temiz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Final Design And Construction Of A Test Bench For Measuring Friction Forces In Combustion Engines Irene Buj-Corral, Enrique Zayas-Figueras, Jesús Álvarez-Flórez, Ernesto Gutiérrez-González, Pol Ribas-Villa (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Static Analysis Of The Stress State Caused By Heating-Quenching Process In Tempered Glasses Umur Duman, Şeref Sönmez, Tuğba Baytak, Osman Bulut (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Out-Of-Plane Deflection Of J-Shaped Beam Žiga Alma, Cogo Zlatan, Kačmarčik Josip (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Role Of Industrial Robot In The Process Of Welding In The Automotive Industry Isak Karabegović, Sead Pašić, Edina Karabegović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Additive Manufacturing Of Spare Parts In Maritime Industry – Technology Transfer In Mariner Education Igor Vujović, Ivica Kuzmanić, Zlatan Kulenović, Neven Maleš (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Quantitative And Semiquantitative Risk Assessment Emina S Dzindo (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Intelligent Supporting System For New Product Development Borut Buchmeister, Robert Ojstersek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation Of Weather Conditions’ Influence To The Maritime Zone Surveillance – Ground Truth Generation Igor Vujović, Ivica Kuzmanić (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Method For The Kinematic Analysis Of The Mcpherson Guiding Mechanisms Used For The Rear Wheels Of The Passenger Cars Cătălin Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Traceability Of Industrial Measurements With Laser Interferometers Bojan Ačko, Lucija Črepinšek Lipuš, Rok Klobučar (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Solving The Problem Of The Schedule Concerning Conference Sessions By Using The Graph Theory Hermina Alajbegović, Almir Huskanović, Štefko Miklavič*, Dževad Zečić (B&H, *Slovenija) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling And Simulation As Multi-Body System Of A Complex Windshield Wiper Mechanism For Motor Vehicles Cătălin Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Multimedia WEB Application For Traffic Monitoring Aleksandar Stjepanovic, Miroslav Kostadinovic, Goran Kuzmic, Mirko Stojcic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Variable Kinematics Of Honing Process – Influence On Machined Workpiece Piotr Sender (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Energy-Efficient Testing Device For New Hydraulic Fluids Darko Lovrec, Vito Tič (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Backflow Induced Swirl At The Radial Impeller Entrance Ignacijo Biluš, Gorazd Bombek, Luka Lešnik (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Study Of Operational Instability Of The Radial Impeller And Its Influence On Backflow Induced Swirl Ignacijo Biluš, Luka Lešnik, Gorazd Bombek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Effect Of Nanosilica On Early Strength Of Cement Mortar Adnan Mujkanović, Nevzet Merdić, Marina Jovanović (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Technological Process And Analysis Of Radiator Holder Using Software’s And FEM Method Mileta Janjić, Burim Fejzaj* (Montenegro, *Kosovo) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Analysis Of Hydraulic Telescopic Mast Construction Sabina Hrustić, Fuad Hadžikadunić, Nedeljko Vukojević, Amna Bajtarević (B&H) pdfdownload PDF