TMT 2011
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15th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”
TMT 2011
Prague, Czech Republic, 12-18 September 2011
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Joan Vivancos Calvet, Dr. Emin Tacer

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New Neural Architectures and New Adaptive Evaluation of  Chaotic Time Series Bila Jiri, Bukovsky Ivo (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Applications of Waste Heat Recovery in Automotive Manufacturing Related Industry Mehta D. Paul, Esch Ryan (USA) pdfdownload PDF
Relevant Roughness Parameters in Polishing Operations of Previously Milled Surfaces Buj-Corral Irene, Vivancos-Calvet Joan, Ekinovic Sabahudin * (Spain, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Modeling of Surface Roughness Parameters During Cutting Steel 30NiMo8 Ekinović Sabahudin, Begović Edin, Vivancos Calvet Joan*, Okanović-Ajanović Nadja (B&H, *Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Hybrid Manufacturing: Integration of Additive Technologies for Competitive Production of Complex Tools and Products Boivie Klas *, Dolinšek Slavko, Homar David (*Norway, Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Cutting Tool Influence on Machine Tool Power Consumption Ekinović Sabahudin, Begović Edin, Buj Corral Irene*, Aličić Džavid (B&H,*Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Polishing Time of Previously Milled Samples at Different Cutting Conditions Buj-Corral Irene, Vivancos-Calvet Joan, Begovic Edin * (Spain, *B&H) pdfdownload PDF
An Addition to Optimization of Parameters in Ti-Alloys  Kevelj Jusuf, Haznadarević Lutvo (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Cutting Parameters Based on Average Cutting Temperature in Turning Process using  Taguchi’s Method Sekulić Milenko, Gostimirović Marin, Kovač Pavel, Savković Borislav, Jurković Zoran * (Serbia, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
 Experimental Investigation of Surface Roughness Obtained by Abrasive Water Jet Machining Mutavgjic Veselko, Jurkovic Zoran, Franulovic Marina, Sekulic Milenko * (Croatia, *Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Software Solution for Abrasive Water Jet Milling Process Balc Nicolae, Popan Alexandru, Berce Petru, Luca Alina (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Research on how to Improve the Mechanical Properties of the Metallic Parts made by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Razvan Pacurar, Petru Berce, Mihai Dura (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Selection of Procedures in Finishing of Hardened Steel Taking into Account Economic Aspects Kundrák János, Deszpoth István, Molnár Viktor (Hungary) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation on Cutting Temperature and Tool-Wear and Comparing them with FEM Results Molnár Viktor (Hungary) pdfdownload PDF
Automatic Selection of Forms and Dimensions of Cutting Tools for Finishing Sculptured Surfaces from STL Models M. Bey, H. Bendifallah, W. Ould Amar, N. Mahroug (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Toward the Automation of the Plunge Milling Strategy for Roughing Sculptured Surfaces from STL Models M. Bey, Z. Tchantchane, L. Kheidri, N. Benhenda (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Hot Forging Process of Parts with Complex Geometry in Digital Environment Milutinović Mladomir, Movrin Dejan, Vilotić Dragiša, Plančak Miroslav, Aranđelović Saša, Pepelnjak Tomaž*, Barišić Branimir** (Serbia, *Slovenia, **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Modeling of Friction Force and Friction Coefficient at Deep Drawing Process Jurković Milan, Muslić Merima (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Optimalization of the Production Process Design in Forging TGPP Frame with Aspect to Simulation Experiments Kuba Jozef (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Stick-Slip Friction Modeling in Tube Expansion Pervez Tasneem, Al-Abri Omar S., Qamar Sayyad Z., Al-Hiddabi Saif A. (Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Fracture Prediction of Extrusion Die Modeled as Pressurized Cylinder with Internal Crack Qamar Sayyad Zahid, Pervez Tasneem, Al-Moharbi Ameer D. (Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation of Bulk Metal Forming Process Janjić Mileta, Savićević Sreten, Vukčević Milan, Šibalić Nikola (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Possibilities of Applying Technology Vibrational Relaxation on Residual Stresses in Welding Joints and its Impact on the Quality of Weld Characteristics Behmen Mehmed, Topić Angela, Torlo Miron, Manjgo Mersida (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Change of Physical-Metallurgical Properties of Low-Alloy Steel 16Mo3 in the Heat Affected Zone in Welding Processes MMA and MAG Fakić Belma, Burić Adisa, Muminović Branka, Tomašević Sreto (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Measurement In Friction Stir Welding Process  Vukčević Milan, Savićević Sreten, Janjić Mileta, Šibalić Nikola (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Production of Fe-C-Cu Powder Coatings by Pulse Magnetic Pressing and Infiltration Mironov V., Boyko I., Lapkovskis V. (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Material Characterization of Water-Swelling and Oil-Swelling Elastomers Qamar Sayyad Zahid, Pervez Tasneem, Al-Kharusi Moosa Sm, Akhtar Maaz (Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Pipe Material Condition in Ammonia Plant Milinović Andrijana, Marković Radojka, Pecić Vladimir, Kladarić Slavica (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Materials and Techniques in Old Bridge of Mostar Reconstruction Popovac Maja, Ćatović Fuad (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Thermo Cyclic Treatment on the Anneal Hardening Effect of a Cast CuAl and CuZn Alloys Nestorovic Svetlana D., Markovic Ivana I., Markovic Desimir D., Ivanic Ljubica S. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of the Content of Delta Ferrite in Austenitic Stainless Steel Nitronic 60 Gigović-Gekić Almaida, Oruč Mirsada, Gojić Mirko* (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Behaviour of P91 Steel Simulated HAZ at 600°C Milović Ljubica, Manjgo Mersida*, Anđelić Nina, Milošević Vesna, Jeli Zorana, Dondur Nikola (Serbia, B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to the Development of High-Strength Steel through Research of the Relationship Between Microstructure and Properties Rimac Milenko, Oruč Mirsada, Beganović Omer, Muhamedagić Sulejman (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
K-Carbides Precipitation in Two High Manganese Alloys Mazancová Eva, Schindler Ivo, Filuš František, Cagala Michal (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Susceptibility of 304 SS-Ti Bimetal to Hydrogen Induced Cracking Mazancová Eva, Ostroushko Dimitrij, Wachowski Martin*, Subíková Miroslava (Czech Republic, *Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Hardness as Indicator of Material Degradation after Long-Term Exploitation of Steamline in Thermal Power Plant Hodžić Damir, Hajro Ismar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Ductile Fracture Arrest of High Strength Steels for Gas Pipeline Application Hajro Ismar, Hodžić Damir (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Trends in the Improvement of Lattice Girders Production Technology in Steelwork Zenica Mahmutović Aida, Žuna Šaban (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Effect of Change the Palladium Content on Mechanical Characteristics of Two-Phase System Pt-Pd Alloys Trumić Biserka T., Stanković Dana A., Stanković Draško S., Đalović Radoica V. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Obtaining the Required Quality of Palladium for PD Trap Making Stanković Dana, Mladenović Ljiljana, Trumić Biserka, Stanković Draško, Krstić Vesna (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
SEM-EDS Microchemical Analysis of the MnS Nonmetallic Inclusions and Metal Matrix Interface in the Carburised 20MnCcrB5 Steel Haracic Nadjija, Catovic Fuad (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Gear Damage Causes using Microhardness and Metallographic Testing Haracic Nadjija, Lemes Samir, Domuz Andreas (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Scanning the Fuel Tanks’ Corrosion Loss of some Aged Bulk Carriers Due to the Security Reasons Bauk Sanja I., Ivošević Špiro N. (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Tin Activity Determination in the Ag-Cu-In-Sn System Milosavljević Aleksandra, Živković Dragana, Stolić Predrag (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Thermal Analysis of Ag-Cu-In-Sn System Milosavljević Aleksandra, Živković Dragana, Talijan Nadežda, Grujić Aleksandar (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Thermodynamic Characterization of Shape Memory Al-Ni-Fe Alloys using Factsage Kostov Ana, Živković Dragana, Ćosović Vladan (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Mechanical Properties of Bituminous Aggregate Mixture BNS 22A prepared with Fly Ash from Power Plant “Gacko” as a Filler Replacement Jovanović M., Mujkanović A., Šeper A. (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Obtaining the Platinum (IV) – Chloride PtCl4 of Commercial Quality Mladenović Ljiljana, Trujić Vlastimir, Gorgievski Milan, Trumić Biserka, Marković Radmila, Stanković Dana (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Physical -Chemical Characterization of Spent Automotive Catalysts Marković Radmila T., Mladenović Ljiljana J., Jonović Radojka J., Avramović Ljiljana R., Petrović Nevenka B. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Conceptual Solution of Flexible Plant for Copper (Ii) Chloride Production Pesovski Branka, Simonovic Danijela, Cvetkovski Vladimir B., Steharnik Mirjana M., Marjanovic Vesna M. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Uniform Corrosion Rate of Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels Bikić Farzet, Rizvanović Mirsada (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
A Simulation Based Optimization Methodology for Information System Project Selection Problem Gungor Sen Ceyda, Can Gursoy Erkan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing and Assembly Sequences Selection Şeker Şükran, Özgürler Mesut (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Complex Part in CAD-CAE-CAM Systems using Object Oriented Method Rahimic Senad, Sunje Edin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Algoritm of Flow Control Process of Production make to Order Trojanowska Justyna (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Supplier Selection of a Textile Company with ANP Yilmaz Onur, Gulsun Bahadir, Guneri Ali F., Ozgurler Senim (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Information Lifecycle Management as Solution for Continuous Data Availability Gašpar Dražena (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Project Risk Management in Large Oil Company Kirin Snezana, Sedmak Aleksandar (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Choosing Concrete Production Facility Location using AHP and TOPSIS Methodologies Özkan Betül, Başlıgil Hüseyin, Özen Onur (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Fuzzy AHP-PROMETHEE Methodology to Select Bus Garage Location: A Case Study for a Firm in The Urban Passenger Transport Sector in Istanbul Nalan Alp Özge, Demirtaş Nurgül, Baraçli Hayri, Tuzkaya Umut Rıfat (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Fuzzy AHP-TOPSIS Two Stages Methodology for ERP Software Selection: an Application in Passenger Transport Sector Demirtaş Nurgül, Nalan Alp Özge, Tuzkaya Umut Rıfat, Baraçli Hayri (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Packaging Model in Graphic Industry  Milčić Diana, Vučina Adisa, Donevski Davor (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Stydying the Effects of Right Turn in Congested Urban Intersections using Traffic Simulations Doçi Ilir, Bajraktari Musli (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Position and Perspectives of Sustainable Agriculture in the Processes of European Integration Vojvodić Marko, Vojvodić Anka, Jugović Zorka, Simić Jeremiju (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison Results of Measuring Roundness on the Basis of Measuring Points Hadžistević Miodrag, Némedi Imre, Hodolič Janko, Sekulić Milenko (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Calibration of Optical Measuring Machine using Laser Interferometer Basic Hazim, Softic Almira, Bosnjakovic Alen (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Test And Research Centres for Wood Products as a Challenge for Bosnia and Herzegovina Wood Processing Sector Alagić Ismar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Mandatory Requirements for Wood Processing in the Fields of Certification, Labelling, Marking and Standardisation Alagić Ismar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Role and Importance Vibrodiagnostics in Maintenance Technical System Antunovic Ranko (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Maintenance of Hybrid Power System Bulatović Miodrag (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Managing Operations for Maintaining the Equipments, Aiming to Stabilize and Increase of Productions Ramaj Vehbi, Halilaj Behram, Valbone Ramaj, Hamdi Istogu, Krasniqi Fadil, Afrim Loku (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Gap Analysis as a Tool to Improve the Competitiveness of Wood Processing Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina Alagić Ismar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Role of Universities in the Development of Competence-Based Education Petković Darko, Kulović Dženan, Kovačević Adi (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
A Facility Location Selection Problem by Fuzzy Topsis Alcan Pelin, Başligil Hüseyin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Robot Selection for a Flexible Manufacturing System with AHP and TOPSIS Methods Ozgurler Senim, Guneri Ali F., Gulsun Bahadir, Yilmaz Onur (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of the Multi-Mass Drive System Dynamics with Induction Motor Avdiu Nysret, Buza Shaban (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Industrial Robots and their Application in Serving CNC Machines Karabegović Isak, Karabegović Edina, Husak Ermin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Continual Regulation of Light Flux in Public Lighting on Electric Energy Quality Brajović Dragan, Sretenović Dojčilo (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Optimal Compensation of Reactive Power in Wire NETS with Higher Harmonics of Voltage and Current Brajović Dragan, Lazarević Zoran (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
A Comprehensive Analysis for the Metrics of Supply Chain Design Strategies Özkir Vildan, Demirel Tufan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
District Heating from  CHP with Large Heat Pumps Muhaxheri Mustafa, Hyseni Driton, Alushaj Ramadan * (Republic of Kosova, *Albania) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Efficiency of Water-Jet Ejectors Vekteris Vladas, Styra Andrius, Striška Vytautas, Mokšin Vadim (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation into Reduction of Flow Rate of Cleaning Air Vekteris Vladas, Tetsman Ina, Striška Vytautas, Mokšin Vadim (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Adhesion of Particles in Secondary Air Flow Vekteris Vladas, Striška Vytautas, Mokšin Vadim, Ozarovskis Darius (Lithuania) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamic Analysis and Modeling of Direct Heat Exchangers Selimaj Rexhep, Osmanaj Sabrije (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
An Analysis of the Legal and Market Framework for the Cogeneration In Kosovo Avdiu Nysret, Saraqini Astrit (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis and Design Micropower Energy Systems Demirovic Nedzmija, Tesnjak Sejid * (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis the Efficiency of Micro Cogeneration in Terms of Fuel Types Maslo Merima (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Energy Consumption in Household Sector in Kosovo - Future Developments Pira Bujar, Hoxha Naim, Cunaku Ibrahim, Bajraktari Agron (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Energy Consumption During the Industrialisation Process in Kosovo Pira B., Hoxha N., Cunaku I., Bajraktari A. (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Energetic Potential of the Tributary Rika of the Vrbas River in the Municipality Jajce Avdić Nurudin, Hadžialić Armin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Possibility of Efficiency Improvement for CHP Unit in Power Plant „Tuzla“ Ganibegović Nedim, Eljšan Sandira (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Electrical Energy Control System for Small Power Wind Turbines Marius Georgescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Exhaust Gas Boiler Fire Pervention Lalić Branko, Komar Ivan, Dobrota Đorđe (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Wind Energy: Analysis of the Technological Potential and Policies in Turkey Güner Sıtkı, Melikoğlu Mehmet, Albostan Ayhan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Effect of Design and Operation Parameters on Heat Transfer Coefficient in Condensers Eskin Nurdil, Arslan Gökhan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Possibility of Waste Slag Treatment from Factory for Cutting Tool Simonovic Danijela B., Pesovski Branka D., Jakovljevic Smiljana C., Steharnik Mirjana M., Marjanovic Vesna M. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Estimation of the Soil Heat Flux for Determination of Evapotranspiration in Ecosystems Hofreiter Milan (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Protection of Water Bodies of Groundwater in the Mountain Konjuh, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pašić-Škripić Dinka, Žigić Izet (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Waste Oil Influence and Risks on Environment in Refer to Bosnia and Herzegovina Musemic Rajfa, Basic Azra (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Monitoring of Air Quality in Zenica Valley Goletić Šefket, Imamovic Nusret (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Construction of Embankment DAM “Divkovići” by using Slag and ASH from a Power Plant Tuzla Suljić Nedim, Žigić Izet, Bašić Zahid (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Assessment of Factors of Ecological Acceptability as a Criterion when Deciding on Construction Material Džubur Žana (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Dependence of Geological Relationships and Dust Emissions in the „Old Cave“ Zenica Muratović Fahrudin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Prioritization of Sustainable Supply Chain Measurement Indicators using Fuzzy AHP Bozbura F. Tunç, Beşkese Ahmet, Bayraktar Erkan, İşçi Selen (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Decomposition of Nonliner-Phase Fir Filter into Linear-Phase Sections Dolecek Vlatko, Jovanovic-Dolecek Gordana *, Diaz-Carmona Javier* (B&H, *Mexico) pdfdownload PDF
Comb-Based Method for Narrowband Fir Filter Design Jovanovic-Dolecek Gordana, Dolecek Vlatko *, Karabegovic Isak *, Diaz-Carmona Javier (Mexico, * B&H) pdfdownload PDF
A Lagrangian Approach for Modeling Discharge of Particles in Two-Phase Flows Gokcol Orhan, Tunc Mutlu (Turkey)   pdfdownload PDF
A Fuzzy AHP Method to Prioritize Individual Attributes in a Performance Appraisal System Beşkese Ahmet, Bozbura F. Tunç, Çavuşoğlu N. Gözde (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
From Design Concept to Prototype of a UXO Detection Device Buza Shaban A., Gashi Besnik, Morina Shqiproje, Gojani Valon, Hyseni Kenan, Bunjaku Drilon (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Motor Speed Detection via Spectral post Processing of Wavelet Packet Coefficients Eren Levent, Çekiç Yalçın (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Controlling DC Motor Speed using PWM From C# Windows Application Meha Sabedin, Haziri Besnik, Gashi Loreta, Fejzullahu Behar (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Design of Special Workplace with Fanuc Delta Robot Poppeova Viera, Uricek Juraj, Bulej Vladimir, Rejda Rudolf, Alba Xavier Romeo * (Slovak Republic, *Spain) pdfdownload PDF
X3D Educational Environment For Aviation Students Kostić Zona, Cvetković Dragan, Marković Dragan, Jevremović Aleksandar (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Analysis to Compensate the Errors of the Selective Laser Melting Process Razvan Pacurar, Nicolae Balc, Mihai Caprar (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Simulation to Estimate the Durability of the Customized Implants made by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Razvan Pacurar, Petru Berce, Nicolae Balc, Lucian Goagas (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Increase of the Speed of Integration of Online Services for Citizens Through Standardization of Municipality Portals Betim Çiço*, Avni Hajdini, Fidan Ferizi, Hysen Sadiku**, Isak Shabani** (*Albania, Macedonia, **Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Web-Based Material Data Knowledge Base and Expert System Basan Robert, Franulović Marina, Križan Božidar (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Information Security Management of Web Portals Based on Joomla CMS Lemes Samir (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Modern Computer Technology for Production of Old Types of Ships Blagojević Branko, Barišić Marko (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Improving Performance of a Web Based Software Application Meha Sabedin, Dika Agni, Shabani Isak, Sadiku Hysen, Hajdini Avni * (Republic of Kosova, *Macedonia) pdfdownload PDF
Aplication of Laminated Half Finished Products in the Production of Chairs Salah-Eldien Omer (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical and Computer Model of the Car Driver in a Bumpy Road Krasniqi Fehmi, Likaj Ramë, Shala Ahmet, Krasniqi Valdrin (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Genetic Engineering Pecarski Danijela, Jugović Zorka, Stevanovic Aleksandar (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Virtual Educational Environment for Learning Graphics Technology Trajković Srđan, Kostić Zona, Cvetković Dragan, Marković Dragan (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Virtual Instrument for Capacitors Bank Dimension Miron Anca, Chindris Mircea, Cziker Andrei (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Safety in Laboratories Mededovic Samra, Kazazic Maja (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Effect of Web Arrangement on Thin-Rim Gear Tooth Contact Stress Opalić Milan, Vučković Krešimir, Kljajin Milan (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Investigation of Frictional Characteristics of new Design PTFE Seals Gül Cihat, Parlar Zeynep, Temýz Vedat (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Device Construction for Testing of Wire by Twisting Stroka Roman, Moravec Ján (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Decision Making During the Main Shaft’s Optimization of Winch Haulage Lokaj Drita M., Buza Shaban A. (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Stress and Deformation States Analysis of Vertical Sheet Metals on Box-Shaped Girder Muminović Adil, Čolić Mirsad, Čolić Mirza (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Temperature Changes on the Sliding Surface of the Braking Drum on a Crane with Two Shoes Colic Mirsad, Muminovic Adil (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Stress Conditions on Turret Vukojević Nedeljko, Imamović Mustafa, Fuad Hadžikadunić (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Investigation of Boundary Layer Separation Influence of Pressure Distribution on Cylinder Surface in Wind Tunnel Armfield C15-10 Hodžić Nedim, Begagić Rasim (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Recalculation of Piping Systems for Live and Intermediate Superheated Steam with Measured Values R and Rp0,2 Vukojević Dušan, Tica Dino (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Automatized Determination of The Geometric Characteristics of Helicoidal Shell on Cylindrical Shell Savićević Sreten, Vukčević Milan, Janjić Mileta (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
The Experimental Effects of the Friction in the Parallel Sonic Installation Bal Carmen, Bal Nicolaie, Carmen Iuhos Ioana (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics of Non-Stationary Thermal Stresses in the Low-Pressure Part of the Rotor Guzović Zvonimir, Matijašević Branimir, Mihalić Tihomir (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Stress-Strain Analysis of the Pressure Vessels with the Application of Laws of Similarity in Mechanics Islamovic Fadil, Gaco Dzenana, Bajramovic Esad, Hrnjica Bahrudin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
3D Reconstruction of Motion Paths During Stair Climbing Raspudić Vesna, Vučina Adisa, Lješić Gordan (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Energy Dissipation by Mechanical Means in Constructions under Cyclic Loading Muratović Majudin, Hadžović Rašid (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
New Approach of Determination Dynamic Wind load of the Bora Hadzovic Rasid, Muratovic Majudin, Peros Bernardin * (B&H, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Parametric CAD/CAE Tool in Modal Analysis: Numerical Results and Experimental Outcomes Bonisoli Elvio, Marcuccio Gabriele, Brino Marco (Italy) pdfdownload PDF
The Motion Characteristic Code, Screw Motion and Spatial Presentation of Five Combinations of Motions for Basic Kinematics Blocks at the Mechanism Design Buza Kastriot, Gojani Ismajl, Pajaziti Arbnor, Radoniqi Fevzi (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects Concerning to the Free Vibration of fhe Rectangular Plate Made of Glass / Rubber Composite Material Cerbu Camelia, Stanciu Mariana Domnica, Rosca Ioan Călin, Curtu Ioan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Simulation of Accidental Impact with Stones from Road Traffic in Case of Noise Barriers made of Different Materials Stanciu Mariana Domnica, Curtu Ioan, Camelia Cerbu, Timar Janos, Itu Calin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Effects of Temperature Variations on the Magnetorheological Damper Behaviour Şahin İsmail, Parlak Zekerya, Engin Tahsin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Unbalanced State Simulation Claudiu Turcu Antoniu, Maier Virgil, Gheorghe Pavel Sorin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Double Box Girder Overhead Crane in Function of Cross Section Parameter of Main Girders Becirovic Ajla, Vukojevic Dusan, Hadzikadunic Fuad (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Impact of the Environmental Sea Conditions to Ship’s Propulsion Engine Dynamics Antonić Radovan, Cibilić Ante, Golub Ivana, Kulenović Zlatan, Tomas Vinko (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Velocity and Capacity of Material Transported by Modern Elevator Hamidi Beqir (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Planar Kinematics Analysis Method of Straight Line Mechanism S35 using Vector Loops and Verification Of Results Experimentally Krasniqi Fehmi, Shala Ahmet, Likaj Ramë, Krasniqi Valdrin, Pira Bujar (Republic of Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Elliptic Curves and their Applications to Cryptography Alajbegović Hermina, Huskanović Almir, Zečić Dževad (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Rational System of Nonlinear Difference Equations in the Modeling Competitive Populations Burgić Dževad, Nurkanović Mehmed (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Research into the Effect of Corrosion on Damaged Thermal Power Plant Equipment Krumes Dragomir, Aračić Stjepan, Kladarić Ivica (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
High Oxidative Process for Dead Roasting of Polymetallic Sulfide Concentrates Mišić Ljubiša, Trujić Vlastimir, Apostolovski-Trujić Tatjana (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Separation of Palladium as a by- Product in Obtain Hight Purity Rhodium by Solvent Extraction Ljubomirovic Zorica  S., Stanojevic Simsic Zdenka S., Conic Vesna T., Dimitrijevic Silvana B., Steharnik Mirjana M. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Study of Platinum Traces Behavior during High Purity Rhodium winning by Solvent Extraction Stanojevic-Simsic Zdenka  S., Conic Vesna  T., Ljubomirovic Zorica ., Dragulovic Suzana S., Bozic Dragana S. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Bioleaching of Zn-Pb-Ag Sulphidic Concentrate Conic Vesna T., Cvetkovski Vladimir B., Stanojevic Simsic Zdenka S., Dragulovic Suzana S., Ljubomirovic Zorica S., Cvetkovska Milena V., Vukovic Milovan N. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Production the High Electric Conductive Materials for Contacts  Based on Silver by the use of Sintermetallurgical Method Ivanović A.T., Milojević S.F., Marjanović V.M., Madić B.N. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Electrodeposition of Copper and Precious Metals from Waste Sulfur Acid Solution Dimitrijevic Silvana B., Ivanovic Aleksandra T., Simonovic Danijela B., Kamberovic Zeljko J., Korac Marija S. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Electrolitycal Purification of Rh from Rh2(So4)3 Solution Dragulović Suzana S., Božić Dragana S., Gorgievski Milan D., Kamberović Željko J., Korać Marija S., Petrović Bisenija M. (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Direct Hard Tooling Produced RP Methods Fajić Adis, Tufekčić Džemo, Topčić Alan, Cerjaković Edin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Risk and Safety Management in Industry, Methodology for the Identification of Major Accident Hazards Dzindo Emina, Lozanovic Jasmina, Milenkovic Jasmina (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
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Joint Effort for Innovative Environment Umihanić Bahrija, Kurtić Adil (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Selection of the Optimum Geotechnical Protective Measures on Slope of Road Cutting Ibrahimović Adnan (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Rapid Manufacturing of Medicine Implant Balić Senad, Muminagić Sahib (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Estimation of Control Performances of Integrated Wirelesshart Network Kostadinovic Miroslav, Bundalo Zlatko, Bundalo Dusanka, Popovic Bozidar (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Stress State of Boiler Tubes for Structural Integrity Assessment Burzić Zijah, Burzić Meri (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
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Formation of Differential Equation during the Process of Motion of Tower Crane Ibishi Ismet, Latifi Ahmet, Ibishi Gzim, Sejdiu Kadri (Republic of Kosova)   pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Design Methods for Openings in Cylindrical Shells under Internal Pressure Reinforced by Flush (Set-On) Nozzles Kacmarcik Josip, Vukojevic Nedeljko (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Method of Selecion for the Best Variant of Technical System for Dust Removal in Storing and Processing of Cereal Crops Goletić Šefket, Balić Senad, Šabanović Sabahudin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
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Importance and Role of Interconnection of Growth and Development Indicators of Small and Medium Enterprises Isaković Suvad (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Vehicle Homologation in B&H to the Improvement of Vehicle Age through a Six-Month Review of Technical Inspection in FB&H Klisura Fuad, Mustafić Ibrahim, Barut Muhamed, Jašarević Sabahudin (B&H) pdfdownload PDF