TMT 2008
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12th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”
TMT 2008
Istanbul, Turkey, 26-30 August, 2008
EDITORS: Dr. Joan Vivancos Calvet , Dr. Senay Yalcin, Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović
ISBN 978-9958-617-41-6

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Education in Manufacturing – Youth Perception, Competences, Curriculum Develepomented, Integration of Education with the Industry Slavko Dolinsek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Optimum Tools Based on Local forms for Finishing Free form Surfaces Mohamed Bey, Mohamed El Hassene Bendifallah, Soufyane Kader, Karim Boukhalfa (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
A Description of High – Productive Method for Thread Cutting on Lathe Ante Miskovic, Danijel Sogorovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Some Characteristics Aspects Regarding the Modeling and Optimization of Virtual Technological System in Gear Manufacturing Csaby Gyenge, Valentin Boca, Mihaela Bob, Mihaita Mihai (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
An Approach to Determine Transition Area from Conventional to High Speed Machining by Means of Chip Shape Analysis Sabahudin Ekinovic, Edin Begovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Environment Friendly Cutting of Cylindrical Gears Domnita F. Fratila, Olimpia R. Ros, Csaba Gyenge (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analytical Study of Different Approaches to Determine Optimal Cutting Force Model Zeljko Krizek*, Zoran Jurkovic**, Miran Brezocnik** (*Austria, **Croatia, ***Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Challenges of Modern Machining Processes on Metalworking Fluid Composition Ljiljana Pedisic, Jasminka Munic, Josip Topoloves, Tomislav Budinski, Predrag Vukovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Research of Cutting Resistances During Turning Avdi Salihu, Avdyl Bunjaku, Hakif Zeqiri, Azem Kycyku (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Influece of Focusing Nozzle Wear on the Cut-Surface Quality, Jelena C. Baralic, Snežana Radonjic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Parameters Optimization of Machine Tools Bodies Krzysztof Lehrich, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Quality Improvement in Manufacturing of Sliding Bearing Journals of Turbine Rotor by Optimal Choice of Operating Regime Using the Vibration Amplitude Method Viktor Baricak, Dzafer Kudumovic, Salko Cosic, Seniha Karic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The CL Data Application to Trivariant Machine Path Planing Viera Poppeova, Juraj Urícek, Jan Durica, Vladimir Bulej, Tibor Galbavy, Rudolf Rejda (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Development of a Methodology for the Materialisation of Ceramic Rapid Prototypes Based on Substractive Methods Joan Ramon Goma Ayats, Joaquim Minguella Canela (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Survey on the Characteristics of Assembly Parts Utilised by Flexible Systems in the Manufacturing Processes of Low Weight and Volume Goods Joan Ramon Goma Ayats, Joaquim Minguella Canela (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Catia V5 as Multitasking Machine Tools Programming Environment Arkadiusz Kolka (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Laser Cutting Vs. Milling for Hobby Purpose Martina Malachova, Ondrej Bilek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Possibilities of Measuring Surface Roughness With Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope OLS 3000 Karel Manas, Emil Svoboda, Jiri  Sukac, David Kusmic (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
FEM Simulation of Highspeed Grinding Ondrej Bilek, Janos Kundrak (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Transient Temperature Field Simulation of Laser Cutting Libuse Sykorova, Oldrich Suba (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Laser Technology and Possibility of its Applications Imrich Lukovics, Libuse Sykorova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Material influence of Silicon Nitride at Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) Andreas Geiss, Juraj Slabeycius*, Rolf Rascher, Markus Schinhaerl, Peter Sperber, Kadeer Mohideen Fathima Patham (Germany, *Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Machining and Manufacturing Systems Evolution Milan Jurkovic, Zoran Jurkovic*, Mehmed Mahmic, Edina Karabegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation Model for the Determination of Surface Roughness in Side Milling as a Function of Feed and of the Tool Edges Radii Gonzalez Rojas H.A., Buj Corral I., Vivancos Calvet J. (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Study and Determination of the Variables More influents in the Surface Roughness of Slim Pieces Machined on a Lathe Under Self Excitation Chatter Vibration Valentina Kallewaard Echeverri*, Hernan A. Gonzalez Rojas, Joan Vivancos Calvet (*Colombia, Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Shock Number Determination for Disal D210 Ceramic Cutting Inserts During Interrupted Machining Robert Cep (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling of Drilling Predicting Main Cutting Force Milenko Lj. Sekulic, Marin P. Gostimirovic, Radovan M. Puzovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Hot Machining of High Manganese Steels: A Review Orhan Cakir, Erhan Altan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Photochemical Machining of Engineering Materials Orhan Cakir (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Temperature Monitoring of the Drilling Process Using Thermovision Method Krzysztof Lis, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
The Aspects about Dynamic Milling Machining Process Petru A. Pop, Gheorghe Bejinaru Mihoc, Petru Ungur (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Surface Roughness During the Lathe Processing of Steel 42CrMo4 Hakif Zeqiri, Avdi Salihu, Avdyl Bunjaku, Fitim Zeqiri (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Anelastic Component of Creep Deformation Damir Hodzic, Ismar Hajro (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Optimisation of Sheet Forming Process for the Reduction of Springback Bogdan Chirita (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Injection Molding Process Michal Stanek, Miroslav Manas, David Manas, Stepan Sanda (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Rubber Injection Moulding Process Simulation Michal Stanek, Miroslav Manas, David Manas, Stepan Sanda (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Guidelines for Improvement of Forging Process and Part Accuarcy Mladomir Milutinovic, Dejan Movrin, Tomaz Pepeljnak*, Plavka Skakun (Serbia, *Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Plasticity Criteria on Part Accuracy in Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Crina Axinte, Monica Iordache (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Springback Behaviour of a Part made from Tailor Welded Blanks for Different Welding Line Placement Albut Aurelian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Matematical Model for Defining Wriggle Forces Muhamed Lemes (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Sample Width Impact on the Final Geometry of a Formed Part made from Tailor Welded Stripes Albut Aurelian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Experimental Application for Deep Drawing Processes of a Sheet Metal Halil Ibrahim Demirci, Ozdogan Karacali (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Stamping and Sheet Hydroforming Test Unit Murat Dilmec, Mevlut Turkoz, H. Selcuk Halkaci (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Analytical Solution and Experimental Data to Predict the Pressure in the Deformation Process of a Cylindrical Body in Case of Plane Tension Travieso Rodriguez J.A., Gonzalez Rojas H.A. (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Parameters Measuring at the Tube Hydroforming Process Edina Karabegovic, Milan Jurkovic, Himzo Djukic, (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Strain Gradient Effect in the Failure of Stretch Bend Metal Sheets Domingo Morales, Carpoforo Vallellano, Francisco Javier Garcia Lomas (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Genetic Modeling of Explosion induced Deep Drawing Process Stipo Buljan, Himzo Đukic, Zoran Jurkovic* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Mag Welding Process Analysis of Welding Parameter Influence on Joint Geometry Stefanija Klaric, Ivan Samardzic, Ivica Kladaric (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Creep Properties investigation of P23 Steel Weldments Tomas Vlasak, Jan Hakl, Jozef Pecha*, Peter Brziak*, Miroslav Palo* (Czech Republic, *Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Basic Comparison of Selected Structural Steel Strength Influence on Total Welding Fabrication Costs of Oil Storage Tanks Ismar Hajro, Damir Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Fatigue Strength of the Welded Joints Treated by Tig Dressing Zoran D. Perovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
On the Including of Welded Railway Switches in Continuous Welded Rail Track Valentin Vasile Ungureanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
On Elimination of Interior Rail Joints Included in Railway Switches Using Aluminothermic Welding Method Valentin Vasile Ungureanu, Marius Botis (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Fatigue Load to Behaviour of Welded Joint on Alloyed Steel for High Temperature Meri Burzic, Zijah Burzic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Magnetic Susceptibility in Amorphous and Relaxed Binary ZrNi Systems Suada Bikic, Suada Sulejmanovic, Diana Cubela, Almaida Gigovic Gekic, Nusret Bajrovic, Tatjana Mihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Analyze and Research of Carbides by Optical and Scanning Electronic Microscopes for 100Cr6 Steel Almaida Gigovic Gekic, Mirsada Oruc (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Properties of High Manganese Fe Mn Al C Alloys Eva Mazancova, Zdenek Jonsta, Karel Mazanec (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Microfractographic Behaviour of Acicular Ferrite and Bainite and Hydrogen Cracking Resistance Eva Mazancova, Zdenka Rucka, Karel Mazanec (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Effects of the Manufacturing on the Mechanical Characteristics of the E Glass / Epoxy Composites Camelia Cerbu, Vasile Ciofoaia, Ioan Curtu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Particle Erosion Resistance of Ductile Cast Iron Kresimir Grilec, Suzana Jakovljevic, Denis Prusac (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Crystallization of Amorphous  Ni Zr Suada D.Sulejmanovic, Tatjana P. Mihac, Suada I. Bikic, Nusret A. Bajrovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Degradation Processes in Creep Resisting Steels Marie Svobodova, Josef Cmakal, Jindrich Douda, Jirí Kudrman (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Influential Parameters on Shot Peening of Aluminum Alloys Roko Markovina, Branko Blagojevic, Dario Ban (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Different Soil Conditions to the Lead Bioavailability to Plants Husejin Keran, Amra Odobasic, Sead Catic, Mirsad Salkic, Amra Bratovcic, Indira Sestan (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Application Experiences of Measurement Devices of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Concentration Radek Sedlacik, Marie Dvorackova, Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Glasses for the Protection Against Ionizing Radiation Zijad Pasic, Ilhan Busatlic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Simuntaneously Measurement of DMA and RCL Characteristics J. Sisakova, M. Mokrysova, F. Sisak (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Effect of Matrix Strength  on Toughness of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Adnan Mujkanovic, Muhamed Pasic, Azra Kurtovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Tensile Properties of Glass/Epoxy Composites With Different Orientations of Fibers Sona Rusnakova, Dana Bakosova, Ivan Letko, Ivan Ruziak (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Thixoforming on Structure Development of the Tool Steel Hana Stankova, Danuse Klauberova, Andrea Ronesova, Bohuslav Masek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Recycling Process of White Bronze Chips Ludmila Skalova, Jaroslav Luka, Bohuslav Masek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Electronic Test for a Diagnostic of Carbon Black Dispersion in the Rubber Robert Jurik, Ivan Ruziak, Ivan Kopal (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Dilatometry Tests of Rubber Blends With Carbon Nanotubes Ivan Ruziak, Ivan Kopal, Sona Rusnakova, Robert Jurik (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
EDA Modified  Polyester Fabric for Better UV Protection Omer Demirovic, Anita Tarbuk*, Ana Marija Grancaric* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Thermomagnetic Behavior and Microstructure of a Rapidly Quenched Nd14Fe79B7 Alloy Vladan Cosovic, Nadezda Talijan, Jasna Stajic Trosic, Dragana Zivkovic, Tomas Zak* (Serbia, *Czech Reprublic) pdfdownload PDF
Powders of Binary and Ternary of Co, Ni and Mo Alloys Obtained by Electrolytic Deposition Jasna Stevanovic, Vladan Cosovic, Branka Jordovic, Olivera Pesic, Branimir Jugovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Electrochemical Deposition of Powder of Ternary Co Ni Mo Alloy from Alkaline Electrolyte Jasna Stajic Trosic, Aleksandar Grujic, Jasmina Stevanovic, Branka Jordovic, Olivera Pesic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Comparative Study of Nd Fe B Magnetic Materials With Different Nd Content Nadezda Talijan, Vladan Cosovic, Aleksandar Grujic, Dragana Zivkovic, Tomas Zak* (Serbia, *Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Variations of the Carbide and Graphite Formation Elements of the Mill Rolls Casted of Hypereutectoid Steel Ana Josan, Vasile Putan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Severe Plastic Deformation on Structure and Properties of the Steel Wac 1008 Miroslav Greger, Ladislav Kander (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Forged Pieces from Magnesium Alloys and their Utilization in Automotive Industry Miroslav Greger, Radim Kocich, Vlastimil Karas (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Experimentation Pre Calibration Mill Rolls for the Increase the Durability in Exploitation Ana Josan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Morphology and Hardness of Nd Fe B Magnetic Materials in Polymer Matrix Aleksandar Grujic, Jasna Stajic Trosic, Nadezda Talijan, Jasna Stevanovic, Radoslav Aleksic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Photodegradation of Di(2 Ethylhexyl)Phthalete in Aqueous Medium Marie Dvorackova, Jindriska Vyskocilova, Josef Houser (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation Diffusive and Advective Transport of Radon  Gas Through Concrete  Samples V. Urosevic, D. Nikezic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Performance Characteristics of Polyurethane Foam Gaskets Egemen Erbil, Zeynep Parlar, Vedat Temiz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling and Kinetics of Protein Enzymatic Hydrolysis from Amaranth Flour and whole Grain Klara Kodrikova, Karel Kolomaznik, Milan Adamek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation of NC Programs by Group Technology Theory Application Jozef Novak Marcincin (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Features of the Scheme of Basing on Rotating Rollers at Automatic Assembly of the Thread Connections Natalija Mozga, Ivans Grinevichs (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Reengineering and QMS of Processes in Function of Development to Excellence a Company Miodrag Bulatovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
CA Systems integration and Application interface Roman Stroka, Jan Moravec (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Brief View of Optimalisation tools of Efectivity Improvement of Technological Productuction Preparation in Non Machining Technologies Jozef Kuba (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Software Realisation of Proposal for Computer Aided Selection of Suitable Milling Strategy Jozef Novak Marcincin, Miroslav Janak (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Why Test Institutes & Centres for Wood Products are Important Issue for Wood Processing Sector in B&H Ismar Alagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Application of the Modern Simulation Methods at the Flexible Systems of Electromotors’ Assembling Mirlind Bruqi, Avdyl Bunjaku, Rame Likaj (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Technological Suitability of Machinery Parts Svetislav Lj. Markovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling the tour Planning of the Emplopyees on the Critical Tasks by Genetic Algorithm F. Tunc Bozbura, Ahmet Beskese, Cagri Ozgun (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Transfer of Knowledge and Technologies as a Precondition to Choosing the Right Course Towards an Advanced Society, Jozo Bejic, Ante Miškovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Technology Park Mostar: From Idea to Realisation Zana Mrkonjic, Mladen Kostic, Davor Krezic, Darko Petkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Web 3D Technologies for Product Lifecycle Management Training Flaviana Calignano, Sandro Moos, Enrico Vezzetti, Darko Petkovic* (Italy, *Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Rapid Tooling in Sand Casting Applications Slavko Dolinsek, Janez Kopac, Grega Brtoncelj, Predrag Cosic* (Slovenia, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
TOPSIS Method on Player Selection in MBA F. Tunc Bozbura, Ahmet Beskese, Tuna Sorgun Kaya (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Trends in Autonomous Flexible Systems for Assembly Processes Based on Artificial Learning and Understanding of the Environment Joan Ramon Goma Ayats, Joaquim Minguella Canela (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
The Analysis of the Technical Stations State in Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina (FB&H) and informatic integration in Unique System Nedžad Brankovic, Fuad Klisura (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Issues Around Future Economic Development in B&H Based on SME’s Development   Senad Balic, Nino Serdarevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
A New Boarding Strategy F. Tunc Bozbura, Tuba Ataman (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Balanced Scorecard Vs. Performance Prism Mustafa Cengic, Damir Fazlic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Reengineering of Manufacturing – Imperative of Achievement Competitive Capability Milan Jurkovic, Dzemo Tufekcic, Stipo Buljan, Alan Topcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Benchmarking – Technique for Business Excellence Carisa H. Besic, Dejan B. Djordjevic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to Analysis of Operative Readiness of Complex Technical Systems Hasan Avdic, Dzemo Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
An Analyses of the Most Implemented Quality Management Systems and Their Comparative Review Envera Jahovic Sarayli, Hazim Basic* (Turkey, *Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
A Unified BSc Curriculum for Production Engineering Sami Chatti, A. Erman Tekkaya, Ove Bayard*, Mihai Nicolescu* (Germany, *Sweden) pdfdownload PDF
A Heuristic Method for the Part Machine Grouping Problem Gulfem Tuzkaya, Bahadir Gulsun, Dogan Ozgen (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Design and Manufacture of Casting Pattern Plates by Rapid Tooling Pereira, J.A. Perez, J.L. Dieguez, G. Pelaez, J.E. Ares (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Utilization of Information System for Injection Molding Tools Lubomir Vasek, Michal Stanek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Supply Chain Performance Criteria for Chemical Industry: A Conceptual Framework Alev Taskin Gumus, Ali Fuat Guneri (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
An Expert Rule Based System for Additive Manufacturing Selection Javier Munguia, Carles Riba (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Quality Control of Weld Repaired Details in Palaj Kastriot, Kosova Gazmend Gashi, Vehbi Ramaj, Bajrush Bytyqi, Hysni Osmani (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Applying Fuzzy Logic Approachs to Supplier Selection Problem in Supply Chain Management Atakan Yucel, Ali Fuat Guneri (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Outsourcing  in an Electronic Sector Company Using Analytic Network Process Dogan Ozgen, Bahadir Gulsun, Gulfem Tuzkaya (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations Regarding the Electromagnetic Ballistic Systems Titica F. Vasile, Mihai J. Nicu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Multistage CIC Filters for Subband Tuning Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek, Vlatko Dolecek* (Mexico, *Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Nondestructive Evaluation of Automobile Tires by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Juraj Slabeycius, Sona Rusnakova, Dana Bakosova (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
The Stress Analysis of Human Tibia under Axial Loading using Finite Element Method Ahmet Yardimeden, M.Halidun Kelestemur, Ali Inan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Object Oriented Programming Approach in the Finite Element Modeling Salko Cosic, Mevludin Avdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Discrimination Between Faulty Conditions and Power Swing in Distance Protection Ladjroud Rafik, Ouahdi Dris (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Stabilizing Controllers for Interval Systems Radek Matusu (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Potential Fields Application for Mobile Robots Path Planning Juraj Urícek, Viera Poppeova, Robert Zahoransky, Vladimir Bulej, Jan Kuciak, Peter Durec (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Slip Angle Observer of the Vehicle Body Side Marius Georgescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
A New Artificial Potential for Nominal Control of Repetitive Robot Motion Branko M. Novakovic, Dubravko N. Majetic, Josip J. Kasac, Danko S. Brezak (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Instrumentation of a Walker for the Measurement of the Forces Exerted by the Patient F. Roure, M.M. Pastor, A. Crislo,  A.B. Martinez (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling of Thermal Time Constant of the Electrothermal Equipment Sabrije F. Osmanaj, Rexhep A. Selimaj (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation of Biomass Combustion in CFBS Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Operational Parameters of Heat Transfer Surfaces in CFBS Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Electrohydraulic System Design and Control Zeljko Situm, Tihomir Zilic, Mario Essert (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Impact of Small Wind Farms on Power Distribution Grids. Romanian Study Case Andrei Cziker, Mircea Chindris, Anca Miron (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Power Losses Analysis in Low Voltage Distribution Grids. Study Case Anca Miron, Mircea Chindris, Andrei Cziker (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Recycling  of Printed Circuit Board by Temperature Shock Dagmar Janacova, Pavel Mokrejs, Oldrich Suba, Vladimir Vasek, Jiri Krenek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling Assisted Testing and Quality Control of Fuel Cells Zijad Lemes, Norbert Nicoloso (Germany) pdfdownload PDF
Hydrogen Usage and Storage M. Oktay Alniak, Ibrahim Gunes, M. Merve Toktamis, M. Emin Turksoy (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motors Levent Eren, Yalcin Cekic, Ayhan Albostan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Friction Effects in the Serial Sonic Instalation Formed by a Big Capacity Cylinder and the Friction Resistance Carmen Bal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The General Notion of the Sonicity Theory Carmen Bal, Nicolae Bal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Friction Effects in the Sonic Circuit Formed by the Big Capacity Cylinder and the Friction Resistance Carmen Bal, Nicolae Bal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Investigation of Marine Diesel Engine Performance on Test Bed Ivan Komar, Radovan Antonic, Goran Belamaric (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Assesment and Design of Waste Heat Recovery Technology From the Sand Drier Process in the Foundry Martin Zalesak, Zdenek Bilenny (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Isentropic Coefficient and the Adiabatic Compressibility of Argon Derived from the Speed of Sound Nagib Neimarlija, Muhamed Bijedic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Volume Expansivity and the Isothermal Compressibility Coefficients of Methane Derived From the Speed of Sound Muhamed Bijedic, Nagib Neimarlija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Efficiency of Air Liquid Contactor for the Activated Sludges Oxygenation Firas Almoustafa, Belkacem Benadda (France) pdfdownload PDF
Batch Reactor Analysis in View of Control Theory Lubomir Macku, Frantisek Gazdos (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Energy Resources from Wind Energy in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Current State and Prospects Elvir Zlomusica, Mehmed Behmen, Fuad Catovic, Enes Sarac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Thermal Registers With Core for Heated Installations with Geothermal and Heat Water Petru Ungur, Petru A. Pop, Mircea Veres, Carmen Iancu, Mircea Gordan, Dan Craciun (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Pet Bottles Recycling Waste   Utilization and Properties Maja Rujnic Sokele, Mladen Sercer, Ana Pilipovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Exploration of Waste Disposal Conditions Resulted by Soda Production Izet Zigic, Dinka Pasic Skripic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of the Stabilization/Solidification (S/S) of Three Galvanic Wastes Using Cement, Cement With Soluble Silicates or Magnesium Phosphate Cements Irene Buj Coral, Josep Torras Grane, Miquel Rovira Boixaderas, Joan De Pablo Ribas (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Selection of Water Utilization Strategy with Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy ANP Methodologies Under Global Warming Risk G.Nilay Yucenur, Nihan Cetin Demirel (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Ecological Optimum of Using Water from an Open Stream Omer Jukic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Problem of Wastewater Emission from Zenica Steelwork Aida Mahmutovic, Sulejman Muhamedagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Labile Chemical forms of Cd and Zn in the Water of "Modrac" Lake Amra Odobasic, Sead Catic, Husejin Keran, Amra Bratovcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Methods of Water Meter Automatic Reading Nusret Imamovic, Amer Halilovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Specific Aspects of Solar Heating Cooling System Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Integrating Genetic Algorithm and Rule Based Systems Brano Markic, Drazena Tomic, Ivan Pavlovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Experiment Model of Photovoltaic Systems Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Neural System for Detecting Cracks in the Wire of the Continuous Casting Gelu O. Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Mobile Ordering System with the PDA end the Mobile Phone Miroslav Matysek, Petr Neumann, Tomas Matulik (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Impact of Engineering Education on Designing and Management of HVAC Projects Mustafa Muhaxheri, Ali Muriqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Intelligent Systems in Welding Processes Samir Vojic, Isak Karabegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Reeingenering of Web Presentation of A Production Company Petar Kulas, Ljerka Luic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Participatory Development of an E Learning System for Korean Language Training Y.Batu Salman, Ji Young Kim*, Adem Karahoca, Hong In Cheng* (Turkey, *South Korea) pdfdownload PDF
Remote Control of Electrical Appliances Via Power Line 230v Milan Adamek, Pavel Martinec, Miroslav Matysek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Volume Method Development for an Axisymmetric Pollutant Diffusion Problem Rajfa Musemic, Hazim Basic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Virtual Reality as Workcell Design Verification Tool Jozef Novak Marcincin, Peter Brazda (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling of Coupling Turbocharger and Diesel Engine Naser Lajqi, Bashkim Baxhaku, Shpetim Lajqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Machine Vision in Robotics Vlatko Dolecek, Armin Hadzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization and Control of Chromium Recycling Technology Vladimir Vasek, Karel Kolomaznik, Jan Dolinay, Dagmar Janacova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Application of the Finite Element Method to Silmulation of the Abrasive Waterjet Machining Tomasz Wala (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling and Simulation in Mechanical Engineering Education Mirjana Cicak, Gordana Maticevic, Marina Dabic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Software Environment for Frequency Analysis of Audio Signals Using Advantech PCI 1716 DAQ Card Petr Dostalek, Vladimir Vasek, Ales Dolezal (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Remote Control of the Laboratory Models Through Programmable Controller Tomas Sysala, Martin Sobolik (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Object Length and Area Calculations on the Digital Image Joze Petrisic, Alojzij Suhadolnik, Franc Kosel (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Air Circulation Speed on Beech Wood Drying Process in Clasic Drier Atif Hodzic, Minka Cehic, Damir Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Simple Approach to Solution of Autonomy and Invariance of Mimo Control Loops: Simulation Control of Three Variable System of Steam Turbine Pavel Navratil, Jaroslav Balate, Tomas Sysala (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Software Suites for Design of Experiments – Comparative Overview Ferhat Dedic, Sabahudin Ekinovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Mechatronics and Micro Mechatronics Concepts for Intelligent Systems and for Advanced Robotics, with Applications for Technological and Measurement and Control Processes Gheorghe I. Gheorghe, Paul Beca, Octavian Dontu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Enhancement of VR Data Glove Gesture Library Using Artificial Intelligence Ognjan B. Luzanin, Miroslav E. Plancak, Dragoje A. Milikic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Shaft Modelling Using the Software Package Catia V5 and Creating of the Tutorial Applying the Adobe Captivate Tool Petar D. Niksic, Andjelija M. Mitrovic, Vesna M. Petrovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Development of High Quality Real Time Software Solutions in Developing Countries With the Aim of E Government Improvement Amir Smajevic, Senad Uka, Edin Kulovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Highly Available and Secure Network Infrastructure Development and Implementation in Developing Countries Adnan Strojil, Adnan Selimagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
An Exploratory Study for CMM Software integrated Controller - Part 1 Valerian Septimiu Stanciu, Stefan Dan, Mariana Domnica Stanciu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
An Exploratory Study for CMM Software integrated Controller - Part 2 Valerian Septimiu Stanciu, Stefan Dan, Mariana Domnica Stanciu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Design and Functional Simulation for A Pyrotechnic Robot Ionel Staretu, Marius Ionescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Determining of Flow Behavior of Solid Gas Two Phase Flow Via 1D Numerical Model Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Utilization of Computer Programs in Modelling of Gears With Asymmetric Involute Teeth Cuneyt Fetvaci, Ilker Durgut (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
FEM Analysis of Truss Hollow Section Joint Samir Lemes, Nermina Zaimovic Uzunovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Stress Strain Analysis of Vertical Pressure Vessels Supported by Brackets Nedeljko Vukojevic, Dusan Vukojevic, Mujo Sutkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Stress Distribution by Welded LPG Pressure Vessel Nedeljko Vukojevic, Fuad Hadzikadunic, Mujo Sutkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Determining the Composite Tension Inside the Warm Rolling Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca, Gelu O Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Symmetrical Thermal Tensions when Producing Thermal Fatigue Inside the Warm Rolling Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca, Gelu O Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
An Analysis of Jib Crane Constructive Solution in Exploatation Fuad Hadzikadunic, Senad Huseinovic, Omer Jukic, (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Contact Stresses between Cement Kiln Tyre and Supporting Rollers Alma Ziga, Aleksandar Karac, Dusan Vukojevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
New Mathematical Model of Stress Concentration Factor in Tension of Rectangular Bar With Opposite Edge U Notches Josip Kacmarcik, Ernad Beslagic, Denis Spahic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Product Development Through Finite Element Method Lica Dumitru, Boieriu Camelia (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Use of Small Sized Hardwood to Design New Composite Panels Boieriu Camelia, Curtu Ioan, Lica Dumitru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Selection of Cutting Bodies Geometry of Rotor Dredge Regarding the Working Area Characteristics Suvada Durmic, Amir Arnautovic, Mevludin Avdic, Sefik Suljic, Sead M. Avdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Trabecular Bone Using the Unit Cell Approach Almir Uzunovic, Nermina Zaimovic Uzunovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Modeling and Static Stress Analysis of Steel Wire Rope Strand Using Finite Element Method Cengiz Erdonmez, C. Erdem Imrak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Design and Static Stress Analysis of Elevator Car Suspension During Operation Yusuf Aytac Onur, C. Erdem Imrak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Workload Experiment Block as an Element for Determination of Working Dynamic Strength Mustafa Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Relatively Analysis of Experimental and Numerical Results in Response to Impact Between Piercing Incendiary Bullets and Armoured Skin Catalin Ionescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics of Non Stationary Thermal Stresses in Steam Turbine Rotor Along Central Bore Zvonimir Guzovic, Stanislav Sviderek, Tihomir Mihalic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence Engine Firing Order in Reaction of the Mean Crankshaft Journals Bashkim Baxhaku, Naser Lajqi, Heset Cakolli (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Influence Construction and Properties of Plywood on Areas of Their Application in Wooden Constructions Minka Cehic, Salah Eldien Omer*, Atif Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Adaptive Predictive Control of Oil Pressure Jakub Korab, Marek Kubalcik (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Development of Genetic Algorithm for Synthesis of Product Composition Structures Eduard Napalkov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Real Time inspection and Monitoring of Marine Diesel Engine Mechanical Parts by Computer Vision Ivica Kuzmanic, Zlatan Kulenovic, Ivan Komar (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Design Requirements for the Electrical Hydro Pneumatic Stations Powered by Waves in West Area of the Black Sea Using Swan Model Georgica Slamnoiu, Niculae Alexe, Adrian Ciuculin, Gheorghe Samoilescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Design of an Electrical Hydro Pneumatic Station Powered by Waves With Hydrodynamic and Finite Element Software Georgica Slamnoiu, Niculae Alexe, Gabriel Vladu, George Surdu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Research about Thermic Shocks in Warm Rolling Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Improvement of Die Design and Prevention of Die Failure in Metal Extrusion Sayyad Zahid Qamar, Rafiq Ahmad Siddiqui, Tasneem Pervez,  Anwar Khalil Sheikh*, Abul Fazal Muhammad Arif* (Oman, *Saudi Arabia) pdfdownload PDF
Polymers in Structural  Design Applications Nedzad Repcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Cracking Parts of the Rolling Bearing J. Bezecny, J. Sisakova, F. Sisak (Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Research of Revolving Accuracy of a Rotor with Hydrodynamic Bearings Vladas Vekteris, Audrius Cereska, Mindaugas Jurevicius (Lithuania) pdfdownload PDF
Wear of Tire Tread David Manas, Miroslav Manas, Vladimir Pata (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Grinding Energy Through Method of Dynamic Tests at Fruits with Variable Texture Mirela Panainte, Valentin Nedeff, Emilian Mosnegutu, Carmen Savin, Bogdan Macarescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of the Influence of Bearings’ Lubricant Temperature at Main Parametres of a Rotor Bearing System Fevzi Radoniqi, Shaban A. Buza, Xhevat Perjuci, Kastriot A. Buza, Nysret Avdiu (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Tribological Process of Brush Wearing Sabahudin Ekinovic, Vahid Zaimovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Studies Concerning New Ball Bearings Having 35mm the Inner Diameter of the Internal Ring (Part 1) Dan Savescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Studies Concerning New Ball Bearings Having 35mm the Inner Diameter of the Internal Ring (Part 2) Dan Savescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects Concering Lagrange Model for a System of Orientation Marius Botis, Valentin Vasile Ungureanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Modelling in Function of Optimising Vibroisolation Davorka Saravanja, Alija Cigic, Darko Petkovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Geometrical and Functional Parameters on the Bending Vibrations of Textile Spindles Lucia M. Ghioltean, Mihai S.Tripa, Mihaela V. Suciu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis  of Turbine Rotor Radius and Wing Length in Turbine Vibration Tamer Ozben, Ahmet Yardimeden (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Trusses Vlatko Dolecek, Safet Isic, Avdo Voloder (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Controler PID and PD for Action a System of Orientation Marius Botis (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Technical Parameters of the Road in the Stability of Vehicle Motion While Going Through A Bend Road Mevlan Bixhaku, Visar Baxhuku, Ramadan Duraku (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
General Dynamic Model of the Turbogenerator Related to the Type of Support Shaban A. Buza, Xhevat Perjuci, Kastriot A. Buza, Fevzi Radoniqi, Nysret Avdiu (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Reduction of Noise in Screw Compressors Elvedin Mujic, Ahmed Kovacevic, Nikola Stosic, Ian K Smith (United Kingdom) pdfdownload PDF
An Experimental Analysis of Vibration of a Ball Mill with Variable Load Salkan Rahmanovic, Safet Isic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Studying Dynamic Effects on Crawler Cranes for the Case of Up Down Motion of the Boom using Simulation Applications Musli Bajraktari, Ilir Doci (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Evaluation of Integrity of an Open Railway Car’s Complex Structure for Billets Transportation Nedeljko Vukojevic, Fuad Hadzikadunic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Concerning to the free and Forced Vibrations of the Acoustic Ligno Cellulose Plates Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Ioan Curtu, Calin Itu, Adriana Savin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of the Dynamic Characteristics for Mercedes A170 CDIi Automobile Heset Cakolli, Nijazi Ibrahimi, Azem Kycyku, Fehmi Krasniqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Research of Relaxation and Hysteresis of Trapezoid Belts Azem Kycyku, Heset Cakolli, Avdi Salihu, (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Method and indirect Measurement Device of Dynamic Viscosity of Non Newton, Reopexics Liquids and Granular Suspensions Petru Ungur, Petru A. Pop, Mircea Gordan, Mircea Veres (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Designing of Ultra Light Mobile Elevating Working Platform (MEWP) Prototype Dragomir Krumes, Todor Ergic, Andrijana Penava, Radojka Markovic, Zeljko Rosandic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Types of Mechanisms Destinated to Steering Boxes on Back Auto Axle Petre Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
About Kinematic and Dynamic Behaviour of the Rotating Machinery as Nonholonomic Systems Miodrag Ž. Zlokolica, Maja V. Cavic, Milan D. Kostic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Planar Kinematics Analysis Method of Seven Bar Mechanism Using Vector Loops and the Verification of Results Experimentally Fehmi B. Krasniqi, Ahmet Shala, Valdrin Krasniqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Metodology Processing and Evaluation of Machinery Family for De Coiling Metal Sheet Sadullah Avdiu, Besim Veselaj (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Optimizing the Weight of the Overhead Cranes Girder Mirsad Colic, Adil Muminovic, Nedzad Repcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Different Geometrical Factors on the Working Stresses of Teeth Sides of Gears Sadullah Avdiu, Nijazi Ibrahimi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Maximum Web Stress of Thin Rimmed Gear Gordana Marunic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Motion Characteristic Code at the Screw Motion for Some Basic Kinematics Blocks Using Dual Vector Algebra Kastriot A. Buza, Agim Anxhaku*, Ismajl Gojani, Arbnor Pajaziti (Kosova, *Albania) pdfdownload PDF
On the Features of a New Cycloidal Planetary Gear Usuful to Fit Renewable Energy Systems Mircea Neagoe, Dorin Diaconescu, Codruta Jaliu, Lucia Pascale, Radu Saulescu, Sebastian Sisca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Welding Fume Production as a Function of Electrode Coating Structure Razija Begic, Azra Imamovic, Fuad Catovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Preliminary Research about Influence of Basic Grinding Parameteres on Temperature of Titanium Alloys Cutting Lutvo Haznadarevic, Jusuf Kevelj (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Identification of Efficiency indicators of introduction of the Quality System into Organizations According to ISO 9001:2000 Sabahudin Jašarevic, Safet Brdarevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Hyperbolic Programming   an Method for Choosing Investment Projects Svetlana Rakocevic, Zdenka Dragasevic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Sensitivities of Crop Evapotranspiration Models to input Data Milan Hofreiter (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Air Pollution Related Diseases in Preschool Children in the Area of Zenica City Smajil Durmisevic, Jasminka Durmisevic Serdarevic, Suad Sivic, Senad Huseinagic, Jasmin Durmisevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Electrical Conductivity of Synthetized and Controllably Doped Polyaniline At Low Temperatures Izet Gazdic, Dinko Babic* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Structure of Samples of Controllably Doped Polyaniline, and its Influence on Electrical Conductivity at Low Temperatures Izet Gazdic, Dinko Babic* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Modification of Copper With Self Assembled Thiol Monolayers Ivana Miskovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Reduced Parameters for the Dynamic Study of a System of One Degree of Freedom Lluisa Jordi, Enrique Zayas, Salvador Cardona (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
The Ion Exchanger Utilization for Synthesis of Monoacylglycerols Rahula Janis, Pavlina Vltavska, Jana Sedlarikova, Vojtech Skalka (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Environment Protection by Starting the Integral Production in Arcelor Mittal Zenica Šefket Goletic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Some Consideration about Laser Welding Automation Marcel Sabin Popa, Mircea Precup, Glad Contiu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Parting Strain Vector in Homogeneous and Isotropic Space Suad Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
An Experimental Study of Springback of Bent Sheet Metal Parts Leo Gusel (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Friction Factor Optimization at the Bulk Deformation Process Nikola Sibalic, Milan Vukcevic, Mileta Janjic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Kinematics State by Physical Discretizaton Method at Bulk Metal forming Mileta Janjic, Milan Vukcevic, Nikola Sibalic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Stress State MKE Simulations of Axis Symmetrical Element Milan Vukcevic, Mileta Janjic, Nikola Sibalic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
The Impact of Mass Tourism on the Environment Silvija Vitner Markovic, Dubravka Krivacic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Optimal Model of Marking Objects in Production Systems Nikola Trbojevic, Milan Ikonic, Tonci Mikac (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Assessment of Workpiece Dimensions by Use of Bayesian Confidence Interval Dzevad Zecic, Almir Huskanovic, Hermina Dragunic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Indentation Size Effect in the Vickers Hardness for Alumina Ceramics Lidija Curkovic, Marijo Lalic, Sanja Solic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Degree of Dissolution of Alumina Ceramics in HCL Aqueous Solution Lidija Curkovic, Mirjana Fuduric (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Road Conditions on Reliability of Vehicle Transmission Janko D. Jovanovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Resistance Spot Welding of Fe Ni Co Alloy and Copper Irina Boyko, Alexander Filipov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Research of Surface Condition of Powder Details Irina Boyko, Victor Mironov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Difference Scheme for Semilinear Reaction Diffusion Problem of Eliptic Type Enes Duvnjakovic, Nermin Okicic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Dynamic Optimization of the Tracking Mechanisms used for Increasing the Photovoltaic Conversion Alexandru Catalin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Strategy for Optimizing the Motion Law of the Photovoltaic Tracking Systems Considering the Energy Balance Alexandru Catalin (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Decision Tree in Measuring individual Company Risks Nevenka Glisevic, Svetlana Rakocevic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Profession, Work and Social Context: Non Technical Sections of Mechanical Engineering Education Niksa Dubreta (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Waste Heat Potential in Polyethylene Production Process Igor Sutlovic, Nastia Degiuli, Andreja Werner (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
EDM Process in the Modern Technologies Marcel Sabin Popa, Glad Contiu, Mircea Precup (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
High Frequency Vibration Analysis of Planetary Reduction Gearmotor Dmitry Litvinov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
On the use of the Vaucanson Planetary Transmission in the Renewable Energy Systems. Part I: Velocities and Torques Codruta Jaliu, Dorin Diaconescu, Mircea Neagoe, Radu Saulescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
On the use of the Vaucanson Planetary Transmission in the Renewable Energy Systems. Part II: Power Circulation and Efficiency Dorin Diaconescu, Codruta Jaliu, Mircea Neagoe, Radu Saulescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Estimation of Crack Growth Parameters in Surface Welded Layer Olivera D. Popovic, Radica M. Prokic Cvetkovic, Aleksandar S. Sedmak, Radomir D. Jovicic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Study of Inventories in Supply Chains Using Spreadsheet Simulation Borut Buchmeister, Andrej Polajnar, Iztok Palcic, Joze Pavlinjek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Microcontroller Based Fire Protection System Miroslav Kostadinovic, Zlatko Bundalo, Dusanka Bundalo, Perica Gojkovic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Control System in Industry Based on Wireless Computer Network Miroslav Kostadinovic, Zlatko Bundalo, Dusanka Bundalo, Perica Gojkovic (B&H) pdfdownload PDF
Electrical Resistivity Variations and Precipitation Processes in Al Mg (Mn) Cu Type Alloy Sheets Sanja Stanojevic, Miljana Popovic, Endre Romhanji (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Comparation of Stress Analysis in Solid Works and Inventor Professional 2008 Srdjan C. Trajkovic, Dragan M. Cvetkovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Study of Protective Layers on Nickel Base Superalloys Simona Pospisilova, Tomas Podrabsky, Stanislav Vechet, Marta Kianicova* (Czech Republic, *Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of the Residual Stress Distribution on the Inner and Outer Faces of Different Drawn Parts Made From Metal Sheets Gheorghe Brabie, Neculai Nanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Factors and Causes that Influence the Springback Intensity in the Case of Cylindrical and Conical Draw Parts Made From Steel Sheets Gheorghe Brabie, Mioara Radu Costache (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Results of Implementing Bologna Principles of Studies in Computing Science in Technical College of Vocational Studies Cacak Natasa Gojgic, Marija Nikolic, Ivana Krsmanovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Project of Automation and Informatics System in Polymer Degradation Study Radek Sedlacik, Lucie Kovarova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Duplex Surface Treatment of Ti6Al4V Alloy Jaromir Kadlec, Vojtech Hruby, Emil Svoboda, Milan Dvorak (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Law Regulations on Environmental Protection as Precondition for Installment of Wind Power Plant on the Territory of the Federation of B&H Sabina Sijaric, Elvir Zlomusica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Injection Moulding of Ceramics Compounds by the Theory of Systems Bozo Bujanic, Maja Rujnic Sokele, Igor Catic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Studies and Research Regarding the Influence of the High Temperature by Mechanical Characteristics for the OLT 35k Steel Amalia Ana  Dascal, Lucia Vilceanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Research on the Optimalization of the Chemical Composition for OLT 35k Steel With a View to Obtaining Superior Mechanical Features at High Temperature Amalia Ana Dascal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Formability of Magnesium Alloys Miroslav Greger, Ladislav Jilek, Radim Kocich (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Model and Statistical Analysis of the Elongation (A2) of the Steel J55 API 5CT Before and after the Development of the Pipes Malush Mjaku, Fehmi Krasniqi, Rrahim Maksuti, Dervish Elezi* (Kosova, *Albania) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Rotational Speed Upon Heat Transfer in a Rotary Regenerative Heat Exchanger Sandira Eljsan, Nikola Stosic*, Ahmed Kovacevic* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *UK) pdfdownload PDF
The Analysis on How the Material From A Steam Boiler’s Economizer  Deals at High Temperature Amalia Ana Dascal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
FPS Control Requirements Marina B. Mijanovic Markus (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Contents of Cu and Zn in Honey and Soil as Ecological Indicator Conditions of Life Environment Munira Mazalovic, Aida Crnkic, Aldina Kesic, Benjamin Catovic, Almir Sestan (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Structure and Fracture Characteristics of Magnesium Aluminium Alloys Under Elevated Temperatures Lubomir Cizek, Ales Hanus, Lucie Olejnickova, Tomasz Tanski* (Czech Republic, *Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling of Severe Plastic Deformation at ECAP Technology Process Stanislav Rusz, Lubomir Cizek, Marcel Klos (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Scientific Design of Workplaces Andrej Polajnar, Borut Buchmeister, Marjan Leber, Natasa Vujica Herzog (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Stress and Strain Analysis of Vertical Cylindrical Tank Fadil Islamovic, Pasaga Muratovic, Dzafer Kudumovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
A Static Stiffness Analysis of a Heavy Vertical Lathe Maciej Kazmierczak, Janusz Sliwka, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Some Research about the Active Control Process Optimisation Barbu Braun, Paul Beca, Ciprian Olteanu, Constantin Marinescu, Gheorghe I. Gheorghe (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Monitoring Twist Drill Wear by an Acoustic Emission Application Vukasin Zogovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
The Modelling of the Small Dimension Probes Deformations Submitted to the Dimensional Control with Contact Principle Barbu Braun, Ciprian Olteanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Application of High Temperature Lead Free Solder Materials in Medicine Dragana T. Zivkovic, Ana I. Kostov, Ivana P. Jankovic, Miroslav Lj. Stojanovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Techniques in Local Approach to Fracture Milorad M. Zrilic, Zijah H. Burzic, Ljubica P. Milovic, Radoslav R. Aleksic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Location Problems Solution and Their Application Fatka Kulenovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Recovery of Platinum Group Metals From Spent Automotive Catalyst Suzana Dragulovic, Mile Dimitrijevic, Ana Kostov, Smiljana Jakovljevic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Temperature on Sensitivity Coefficient of the Amorphous Ribbon Force Sensor Branka Jordovic, Aleksa Maricic, Nebojsa Mitrovic, Dojcilo Sretenovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Strengthening by Anneal Hardening Effect in a Cast CuAl10 and CuZn10 Alloys Svetlana Nestorovic, Desimir Markovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Drill Geometry and Chip Shape on the Quality of Drilled Hole in Composite Material Niksa Koboevic, Ante Miskovic* (Croatia, *Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Welding Parameters on the Properties of AlMg4.5Mn  Weld Metal Radica Prokic Cvetkovic, Sandra Kastelec Macura, Radomir Jovicic, Olivera Popovic, Vencislav Grabulov, Meri Burzic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Determination of Pneumatic Optimal Pressure in Passenger Motor Vehicle Ramo Halilagic, Milan Đudurovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
System Approach for Production Organism Design Zbynek Cerny, Marek Bures (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Industrial Robot Applications in the Process Industries Isak Karabegovic, Fuad Catovic, Damir Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Small and Medium Enterprises in BiH on their Way to Achieve Business Excellence by Implementing the Concept of integrated Management Systems Bahrija Umihanic, Adil Kurtic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
ICT as Qualitative Factor, Pre Loss Objective and Tool of Enterprise Risk Management Radmila G.Grozdanic, Aleksandar  M. Damnjanovic, Dragana S. Labovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Production Program Optimization and Harmonization of Decision Makers' Conflict Interests Ranko Bozickovic, Ilija Nikolic* (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Some Aspects of Measurement Uncertainty Calculation in Gauges Block Calibration Almira Softic, Hazim Basic, Sinisa Trifunovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Repair of Driving Shafts for Rolling Mills by Welding Milica M. Antic, Ljiljana M. Dundjerski, Srbislav Z. Nesic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Manufacturing of the Cast Sample Pieces With the Help of Cavity Models Crust Type Mihai Alin Pop (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects about the Kinetics and Thermodynamic Transformation of a Special S.G. Cast Iron Ioan Milosan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Some Aspects about the Mechanical Properties of a Cryogenic S.G. Cast Iron Ioan Milosan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamic Mathematical Model of Vertical Motion of Sewing Machine Supporter Isak Karabegovic, Damir Hodzic, Edina Karabegovic, Darko Ujevic*, Bajro Bolic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Ash Landfill Impact on Surrounding Mine and Water Halima Hadziahmetovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics of Šipovo Bentonit Clay Deposite for Casting Production Hasan Avdusinovic, Anida Mesic, Nermin Mujezinovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Operating Conditions on Service Behaviour of High Alloyed Steel X20 Zijah Burzic, Dzenana Gaco*, Meri Burzic, Radica Prokic Cvetkovic (Serbia, *Bosnia nad Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Decreasing the SO2 Emission From Power Plants by Application of Modified Technological Processes of Fuel Combustion Jusuf Durakovic, Sefket Goletic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Methods of Biomonitoring Applied During one Year Research of the Krivaja River Mihad Cikotic, Sefket Goletic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Primary Process Selection and Process Sequencing as the Part of Process Planning Predrag Cosic, Niksa Dubreta (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Hydrogen Embrittlement in Low Carbon Steel Rafik A. Siddiqui, Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab, Tasneem Pervez, Sayyad Z.Qamar (Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Failure and Surface Temperature Analysis of Working Surface of Die-Casting Die Borut Kosec, Mirko Sokovic, Gorazd Kosec, Jure Bernetic (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF