TMT 2007
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12th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”
TMT 2007
Hammamet, Tunisia, 05-09 September, 2007
EDITORS: Dr. Sabahudin Ekinović, Dr. Senay Yalcin, Dr. Joan Vivancos Calvet
ISBN 978-9958-617-34-8

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Multilayer and Gradient PVD Coatings on the Sintered Tool Materials Leszek A. Dobrzański, Klaudiusz Gołombek, Jarosław Mikuła, Daniel Pakuła (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Machining Stability and Machine Tool Dynamics Erhan Budak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Main Actions by Starting a New Machine Tool in Operational Process Janez Kopac, Joze Jurkovic (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of the Refrigeration-Lubrication Systems on the Surface Roughness in the High Speed Side Milling of Mould Steels Joan Vivancos Calvet, Jose A.Ortiz Marzo, Hernan A. Gonzalez Rojas (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Additive Manufacturing Processes State of the Art and Vision for RM Slavko Dolinsek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Characterisation of Hard Coatings on Cutting Tools Mirko Sokovic (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Study of Drilling Carbon and Aramide Fibre Reinforced Composite Material Ante Miskovic*, Niksa Koboevic** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Problems of Optimal Cutting Strategy Application for CNC Milling Technology Jozef Novak-Marcincin (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Acoustic Emission to Investigating Positional Accuracy of Drilled Apertures Vukasin Zogovic, Milan Vukcevic, Zdravko Krivokapic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Addition to a Project Study of Mechanical Encumbrance at Grinding of Ti Alloys Lutvo Haznadarevic, Jusuf Kevelj, Ante Miskovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Model of the System of Automatic Managing with the Grinding Process of Ti Alloys Lutvo Haznadarevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Regarding the Processing of Composite Materials by Means of a Hydroabrasive Jet Toderita Nemes, Valentin Petrescu, Florian Popescu, Cristian Deac (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Studies on the Influence of Evacuating Erosion Products on the Productivity at the Electro-Discharge Machining Process Valentin Petrescu, Toderita Nemes, Marius Bibu, Claudiu Isarie, Florian Popescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of Tool Path during CNC Drilling Bostjan Vaupotic, Miran Brezocnik, Simon Brezovnik, Joze Balic (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Tribological Behaviour of Coatings Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Method Leszek A. Dobrzanski, Krzysztof Lukaszkowicz (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Some Aspects of Large Diameter Bearing Ring Production Nikola Kupresak*, Antun Stoic*, Janez Kopac** (*Croatia, **Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
The Chip Root Deformation of Difficult-to-Machine Materials Pavel Kovac, Leposava Sidjanin (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Modern Techniques for Machining of Pieces with Cylindrical Symmetry Horia Balan, Aurel Botezan, Ioan Vadan, Petros Karaissas, Victor Proca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution Concerning the Processing of Experimental Data Obtained Through Superfinishing of Steel Marian Bunea, Roxana Nedelcu, Georgica Slamnoiu, Gabriel Vladu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Drawing Done in AutoCAD for the Production of the Parts on Machine Water Jet Snezana J. Radonjic, Andjelija M. Mitrovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Stochastic and Genetic Modelling of Tool Life Milan Jurkovic*, Miran Brezocnik**, Zoran Jurkovic***, Mehmed Mahmic* (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Slovenia, ***Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Automatic Tool Selection and Feedrate Adaptation for Roughing Sculptured Surfaces M. Bey, B. Aguenini, H. Messaoudi, D. Chabane, L. Mouterfi (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Theoretical Analysis of the Tube Hydroforming Process Parameters and a Suggestion for Experimental Equipment Milan Jurkovic*, Edina Karabegovic*, Zoran Jurkovic**, Mehmed Mahmic* (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Tool Radius on Vessel Head Quality made by Incremental Plastic Deformation Dusan Vukojevic, Nedeljko Vukojevic, Samir Lemes, Zlatan Istvanic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
New Analytical Solution to Predict the Pressure in the Upsetting Process H.A. Gonzalez Rojas, J.A. Travieso Rodriguez, J. Vivancos Calvet (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Performance of Various Tool Steels in Metal Sheet Forming Cold Work Tools Djurdjica Gorscak, Damir Cackovic, Lidija Curkovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
On the Influence of Forging Temperature, Deformation Degree and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Ship Axles Fuad Begovac*, Mirsada Oruc*, Ivan Vitez** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Simulation of Change of Deformation Process at Severe Plastic Deformation Stanislav Rusz, Karel Malanik, Jan Kedron (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Decreasing of the Springback Phenomena on the Thin Metal Sheets Forming with Using Artificial Neural Networks. Experimental Stage - The Blanckholder Force to Conical Draw Parts Eduard-Petre Ciucescu, Gheorghe Brabie, Neculai Nanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Optimum Domenium of Cold Plastic Deformation Degree of Some All Purpose Steels Doina Elena Petre, Stefan Maksay (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Strain Modeling at Axi-Symmetrical Deformation in Open Dies Mileta Janjic, Milan Vukcevic, Nikola Sibalic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Deformation Modeling at Bulk Process Forming Milan Vukcevic, Mileta Janjic, Nikola Sibalic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
The Sheet Thickness Influence on Springback Behaviour of a U-Shaped Part Made from Tailor Welded Stripes Albut Aurelian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Springback and its Effects on the Part Accuracy Crina Axinte (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of the Residual Stresses Distribution in the Case of Drawn Parts Made from Steel Sheets Gheorghe Brabie, Elena Mioara Radu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Factors and Causes that Influence the Springback Intensity in the Case of Conical Draw Parts Made from Metal Sheets Gheorghe Brabie, Neculai Nanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysing of Stress States Applied on Welded Samples with Strain Gage Rosettes Sead M. Avdic, Sead Pasic, Amir Arnautovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Impact of Welding Parameters at Shaft or Axes Surfacing Process Vehbi Ramaj*, Bajrush Bytyqi*, Hysni Osmani*, Jorgac Kacani** (*Kosova), **Albania) pdfdownload PDF
Welding on Pipelines for Natural Gas Transport on Live during Repair and Execution of the New Branches by Methods  Hot Tapping and Stopple-Line-Plugging Ljiljana M. Dundjerski, Milica M. Antic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling of the Dynamic Contact Resistance in Resistance Micro Welding Irina Boyko, Alexander Filipov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
On Line Monitoring for Defects in Electric Arc Stud Welding Ivan Samardzic*, Stefanija Klaric*, Marko Dundjer** (*Croatia, **Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of the Shielding Atmosphere on  Porosity in Weld Metal of AlMg4.5Mn Alloy Radica M. Prokic-Cvetkovic, Olivera D. Popovic, Radomir D. Jovicic, Zijah H. Burzic, Vencislav K. Grabulov, Dragan M. Cvetkovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Welding Line Orientation on Springback Behaviour of a U-Shaped Part Made from Tailor Welded Stripes Albut Aurelian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Properties and Characteristics of Parts Obtained by Laser Sintering of Titanium Powder Mixtures Claudiu Isarie, Florin Ciofu, Toderita Nemes, Florian Popescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Design of Training Hexapod Viera Poppeova, Juraj Uricek, Jan Durica, Tibor Galbavy, Peter Havlas (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Static Stiffness Analysis of the Carrying Framework of Special Machine Tools UBF-112 N Maciej Kazmierczak, Janusz Sliwka, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Static Stiffness Research of Large-Size Machine Tools based on the Example of TV 240 CNC Machine Tool Janusz Sliwka, Maciej Kazmierczak, Jan Kosmol (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Preliminary Approach to Optimization of Machine Tools Frames Krzysztof Lehrich, Jan Kosmol, Piotr Wilk, Marian Niedbala (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Research of Supporting Structure of Vertical Lathe Using Finite Element Analyses Krzysztof Lehrich (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
The Adaptive Control System using to High Speed Machines Petru Adrian Pop, Petru Ungur, Mircea Gordan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
On Simplifying the Machine Tool Feed Drive FEM Models Krzysztof Lehrich, Andrzej Sokolowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
About Modern Strategy on Tool Changers Design Adrian Ghenadi, Constantin Silav (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Right Choice of Cams for Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Adrian Ghenadi, Constantin Silav (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Proceedings Used for Enhancing Machining Processes Petru Adrian Pop, Gheorghe Bejinaru-Mihoc (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Machine Tool Design and Static Behaviour Analysis. Case of Study for a Drilling and Boring Machine Ioan Calin Rosca,Alexandru Constantin V. Popa (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Metallographic Investigations of Automotive Al-Si Cast Components M. Krupinski*, L.A. Dobrzanski*, J.H. Sokolowski** (*Poland, **Canada) pdfdownload PDF
Structure and Properties of Sintered Ag-SnO2 Electrical Contact Materials Nadezda M. Talijan, Jasna T. Stajic-Trosic, Dragana Zivkovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Characterization of Sputter Craters after GDOES Experiment Performed on TiAlN Coatings Lidija Curkovic, Djurdjica Gorscak, Vera Rede, Sanjin Mahovic, Ivica Petrinic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Study of Thermomagnetic Behavior, Phase Composition and Structure Parameters of Nanocrysatlline Nd4.5Fe77B18.5 Alloy Aleksandar S. Grujic*, Jasna T. Stajic-Trosic*, Nadezda M.  Talijan*, Vladan R. Cosovic*, Tomas Zak** (*Serbia, **Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Phase Composition, Crystallite Size and Magnetic Properties of Rapid Quenched Nd-Rich Nd14Fe79B7 Alloy Jasna T. Stajic-Trosic, Vladan R. Cosovic, Aleksandar S. Grujic, Nadezda M. Talijan, Vojislav Spasojevic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
On Application of Spheroidal Graphite Iron for Machine Parts Fuad Begovac, Dervis Pihura (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Investigation of Corrosion Problems, Precautions and the New Systems Regarding to the Human Health in Automobile Industry M. Evren Sariyerli, Gokce S. Sariyerli (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Elements C, Si, Mn Upon the Hardeness of the Cast Rolling Cylinders Ana Josan, Stefan Maksay (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Constitutive Modeling of Flow Behaviour of Ni Based Superalloys M. Oktay Alniak, Fevzi Bedir (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Elaboration Conditions upon the Tenacity of Some All Purpose Steels Doina Elena Petre, Adrian Claudiu Gavanescu, Erika Monika Popa (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Characterization and Electrical Conductivity Measurements of the Au-In-Sb System Dragana Zivkovic, Lidija Gomidzelovic, Vladan Cosovic, Aleksandar Grujic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on the Anneal Hardening Mechanism of a Cast Cooper-Silver Alloy Svetlana Nestorovic, Ivana Rangelov, Ljubica Ivanic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Laboratory Investigations of Technological Process for Treatment the Polymetallic Goldbearing Concentrate Joksim Marinkovic, Mile Bugarin, Vlastimir Trujic, Milorad Cirkovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurement as the Control Method for Steel Evaluation Miodrag B. Kiric, Zijah A. Burzic, Jano H. Kurai (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Al-Si Layer to Structure and Properties on INCONEL 713LC and 738LC Simona Pospisilova, Tomas Podrabsky, Antonin Buchal (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Assessment of Microstructure Degradation of Creep Exposed Boiler Steels Damir Hodzic, Ismar Hajro (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Temperature Uniformisation at Plasma Nitriding by Using Special Protection Screens Marius Bibu, Cristian Deac, Valeriu Deac, Claudiu Isarie (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Comparison of Microfractographic Behaviour of Acicular Ferrite and Bainite and Hydrogen Cracking Resistance Eva Mazancova, Irena Slavikova, Zdenek Jonsta, Karel Mazanec (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Effect of Isothermal Austempering on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Nodular Casting Iron Dragomir Krumes, Ivica Kladaric, Andrijana Penava, Stjepan Aracic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Hydrogene Embrittlement in 6063 Aluminum Alloy Rafiq A. Siddiqui, Sayyad Z. Qamar, Tasneem Pervez, Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab (Sultanate of Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Magnetic Susceptibility in Amorphous Binary ZrNi and ZrCu Systems Suada Bikic, Suada Sulejmanovic, Nusret Bajrovic, Izet Gazdic, Diana Cubela, Almaida Gigovic-Gekic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of Electrical Resistance in Amorphous and Relaxed Binary ZrNi, ZrCu Systems Suada Bikic, Suada Sulejmanovic, Nusret Bajrovic, Izet Gazdic, Diana Cubela, Almaida Gigovic-Gekic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Stability States Amorphous of the Binary Zr62Ni38 System Suada Bikic, Suada Sulejmanovic, Nusret Bajrovic, Izet Gazdic, Diana Cubela, Almaida Gigovic-Gekic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Creep Behaviour of a Sn-Ag-Cu Alloy Near Room Temperature Klodian Dhoska,* Jorgaq Kacani*, Heinrich Oettel**, Vehbi Ramaj*** (*Albania, **Germany, ***Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Industrial Experiments Regarding the Steel Temperature Adjustment Possibilities at Continuous Casting Erika Ardelean (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Improving the Continuous Cast Blank Structure by Using Micro-Coolants Ana Socalici, Marius Ardelean, Vasile Putan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Experiments Regarding the Steel Temperature Adjustment in the Mould of the Continuous Casting Machine Ana Socalici (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Metal Bath Stirring on the Deoxidization Process Teodor Heput (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Study on the Synthetic Flux Viscosity Used at the Continuous Casting Teodor Heput, Miron Buzduga, Stefan Maksay, Mihaela Osaci (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Study on the Surface Pressure in the Slag Systems used at the Continuous Casting Teodor Heput, Adriana Comsa, Mihaela Osaci, Doina Petre (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Generation-IV Reactors and Nuclear Hydrogen Production with Emphasis on Molten Salt Reactors Sumer Sahin, Senay Yalcin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Results Concerning Cracking of Oil Pump Shaft Luminita Bibire, Codrin Rudolf Cobrea (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Assesment of Elastic Properties of Particle Reinforced Polymeric Composite Materials Dana Luca Motoc (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Novel Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials as Candidates for Medical Prosthesis Dana Luca Motoc, Camelia Cerbu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Hyperelastic Material Models of Rubber and Rubber-Like Materials Meral Bayraktar (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Isothermal Expansion of the Fe89.8 Ni1.5 Si5.2 B3 C0.5 Amorphous Alloy Aleksa Maricic, Branka Jordovic, Nebojsa Mitrovic, Radojko Simeunovic, Aleksandra Kalezic-Glisovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Considerations Regarding Semisolid Materials and Their Deformation Behavior Daniela C. Stoica, Ioan Ilca, Mihaela C. Flori (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of High Purity Alumina Ceramics Corrosion in Acid and Basic Aqueous Solutions by Measuring Surface Roughness Mirjana Fuduric, Lidija Curkovic, Sanjin Mahovic, Martina Marinkovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Bonding of Thermoplastics David Manas, Miroslav Manas, Michal Stanek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Improvement of Plastic Properties Miroslav Manas, David Manas, Michal Danek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
A Depositional Rubber Mixture and Its Choosen Properties Jana Kucerova, Dana Bakosova, Jan Bezecny (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Observation of Laminate Structure by Microscopical Methods Jan Bezecny, Vladimir Rusnak (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Possibilities of Parameter Adjustment during Vulcanization Igor Suba, Ivan Letko, Jana Kucerova (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Mold Cavity Surface on Fluidity of Elastomers Michal Stanek, Tomas Drga, Miroslav Manas, David Manas (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Considerations on the Castability of Metallic Materials Used for the Realising of Small-Size Parts Cristian Deac, Marius Bibu, Valeriu Deac, Valentin Petrescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Mini Smelting Plant for Processing Gold-Bearing Concentrates, Melting and Refining Metal Ljubisa Misic, Tanja Apostolovski-Trujic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Possibilities Regarding using of Micro-Coolers in Steel Continuous Casting Tundish Erika Ardelean, Marius Ardelean, Cristian Abrudean (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Apparent Wall Slip of Tungsten Carbide Based Feedstock for Powder Injection Moulding Michal Machovsky, Berenika Hausnerova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Advantages of Group Technology in Injection Moulding Maja Rujnic-Sokele, Igor Catic, Bozo Bujanic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Automation Design Assembly Moulds by Group Technology Maria Jancusova (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Concerning the Usage of the Group Technology Concept in the Modular Design and Optimisation of the Bearings Automatic Dimensional Inspection Systems Luciana Cristea, Angela Repanovici (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Research, Methods and Approaches in CAPP Systems for Cutting and Non-Cutting Technologies Ivan Kuric (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Mathematical Model Formulation in Optimal Program Planning of Individual and Lean Production Ranko Bozickovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
A Heuristic Approach for Reverse Logistics Networks Bahadir Gulsun, Ender Bildik, Gulfem Tuzkaya (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Collaboration Knowledge Based Systems and Data Mining Methods Using Fuzzy Clustering Brano Markic, Drazena Tomic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Information System for Injection Molding Tools Lubomir Vasek, Michal Stanek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Information Handling in Technological Product Preparation Frame by Means of Databases Using Jozef Kuba (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Petri Nets Model for 2R FMS Flexible Manufacturing Cell Radu C. Tarca, Florin C. Blaga, Ioan C. Tarca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Nanotechnological Determination of Sociosynergetical Conception of Knowledge Society Managers´ Preparation Dusan Turan, Michaela Turanova (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to the Problem of Nanotube's Interaction with Metal Conductors Ivica Kuzmanic, Zlatan Kulenovic, Mirjana Vujovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Total Quality Management Methods and Principles in Production Edita Hekelova (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Applying System Theory to Implement Quality Management Systems Septimiu V. Stanciu, Ioan Curtu, Mariana Domnica Stanciu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Knowledge Management and Balancing of Knowledge Marjan Leber, Borut Buchmeister, Andrej Polajnar (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Environmental Benchmarking in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Lucia Liberkova, Igor Liberko, Jan Dobrovic (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
A Visual Tool to Optimize the Shop Jordi Fortuny-Santos, Lluis Cuatrecasas-Arbos (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
A New Modular Educational Programme in Production Engineering for Tunisia Sami Chatti*, A. Erman Tekkaya*, Mihai Nicolescu** (*Germany, **Sweden) pdfdownload PDF
Data Quality in the Research of Enterpreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bahrija Umihanic, Senad Fazlovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Informational Resources in the Framework of Engineering Scientific Research - Case Study with Respect to the Engineering Scientific Databases Angela Repanovici, Luciana Cristea, Marian Repanovici (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation Model for PET Bottle Production Cedo Lalovic, Olga M. Ristic, Dragan Golubovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Design, Manufacture, Testing and Exploitation of the Power Station's Cooling Tower Composite Fan Blade Caslav Mitrovic, Dragan Cvetkovic, Slavko Pesic, Aleksandar Bengin, Dragoljub Bekric (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Comprehension and Applicability of LCA/LCM Philosophy - One of the Criteria for Better Competitiveness Predrag Cosic, Goran Djukic, Marko Karasic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Preventive Maintenance Revision of Naval Systems Darko Petkovic*, Marinko Aleksic** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to Mathematical Modeling of Complex Technical Systems Maintainability Hasan Avdic, Dzemo Tufekcic, Ramiz Selo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Posibilities to Increase the Durability of the Hot Rolling Mills Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca, Gelu O. Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Study of the Behaviour in Service of Rolling Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Systems and Processes of Cognition, Work Rationalization, Innovating, Entrepreneur and Ergonomics Miroslav Car (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
A New Method for Determining the Effects of Exposure to Noise in Industrial Working Environments Andrej Polajnar, Borut Buchmeister, Marjan Leber (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Enterprise Software Package Selection by Using Data Envelopment Analysis Ali Fuat Guneri, Alev Taskin Gumus (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
A Framework Supporting Build or Buy Decisions in the Enterprise Software Acquisition Process Ceyda Gungor Sen, Hayri Baracli (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
A Review on Traveling Repairman Problem Arzum Eser, Hayri Baracli (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Model for Project Duration Assessment Based on Clark’s Equations Vesna Z. Jevtic, Dusko R. Letic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Innovatory Master of Engineering Degree in Metrology Nermina Zaimovic-Uzunovic, Samir Lemes (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Specific Heat of Rubber Blends Measurement Ivan Kopal, Martina Mokrysova, Zuzana Moskova (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
A New Automatic Interferometric Method for Measuring the Dependence of Magnetoelastic Properties on Magnetic Fields A.L. Morales, A.J. Nieto, J.M. Chicharro, P. Pintado, R. Moreno (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Surface Roughness and Design of Machine Details Maris Kumermanis, Janis Rudzitis (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Systematic Study of  Tyre Wearing in Traffic Exploitation Pavol Kostial, Jan Vavro, Jan Vavro Jr. (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Precision Laser Shaft Alignment and Rolling Bearings of Rotating Machines High-Frequency Vibration D. Litvinov, J. Rudzitis (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
The Application of the Complex Measuring System – Spectrophotometer in Spectrophotometry Petar Niksic, Ivana Krsmanovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Selected Methods for Pattern Recognition Elzbieta Balzam, Andrzej Sokolowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
New Laboratory in Tomas Bata University as a Mean and Environment for Modelling of Control Systems over  Systems with Accumulation Martin Zalesak (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Increasing all Technical Performance of Experimental Equipment for Studying Metalic and Semi-Conducting Material Surface Gelu O. Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Diagnosis of a Mill Used for Powder Slaked Lime Manufacturing Ioan Calin Rosca, Nicolae Constantin Cretu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Development of Visual Positioning System Viera Poppeova, Robert Zahoransky, Juraj Uricek, Marian Kost'al, Marian Kiss (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Architecture of Mobile Robot Juraj Uricek, Viera Poppeova, Robert Zahoransky, Jan Kuciak, Peter Sindler (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Industrial Robots Guided by Intelligent System in Complex Environment Samir Vojic, Isak Karabegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Dynamic-Methematical Model of Industrial Robot and Its Environment in the Assembly Process Modelling Damir Hodzic, Isak Karabegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Replacement of Missing Visual Data Pockets with Prediction in Visual Control of Robots Igor Vujovic, Danko Kezic, Ratomir Vujovic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation of the Insect Robot Walking Over Level Terrain Najdan L. Vukovic, Zoran Đ. Miljkovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Considerations Regarding the Geometrical Modeling of Parallel Mini-Manipulators with Triangle Platform Doina Liana Pisla, Tiberiu Pavel Itul, Adrian Pisla (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects on Synthesis  and Modeling of the Parallel Mini-Robots and Micro-Robots Nicolae Plitea, Vidrean Anneline, Doina Liana Pisla (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Modeling and Simulation of Parallel Structures used as Flight Simulators Adrian Pisla, Nicolae Plitea, Bogdan Prodan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Considerations Regarding the Application of Parallel Robots in the Surgery Field Nicolae Plitea, Calin Vaida, Doina Liana Pisla (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Considerations Regarding the Use of Sensors by Self-Reconfigurable Robots Adrian Dumitriu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Family of Anthropomorphic Grippers for Robots - Design, Command, Control and Functional Simulation Ionel Staretu, Marian Bolboe (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Benefits of the Space Elevator to the Technology Transfer Berna Bolat*, Serkan Anilir** (*Turkey, **Japan) pdfdownload PDF
Cosine-Based Decimator Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek*, Vlatko Dolecek** (*Mexico, **Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Driving Robot of the ACC Autonomous Car Claudiu Pozna*, Fritz Troester** (*Romania, **Germany) pdfdownload PDF
E-Learning Training Mechatronic System Ildiko Margit Pasc, Radu C. Tarca, Florin Popentiu-Vladicescu, Naiana N. Tarca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Automated Two-Regime and Visually Forced Stabilization of Mechatronic System Operation Bahrudin Saric, Dzemo Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Agritronics: Aids from Mechatronics Ciprian Olteanu, Sorin Zamfira, Gheorghe Oltean, Felicia Olteanu, Catalina Turcu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Contribution to the Mechatronic Conception of the Automat Dimensional Inspection Systems Luciana Cristea (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in the Management of the Artificial Lighting Systems Andrei Cziker, Mircea Chindris, Anca Miron (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Design of Fuzzy Controller of pH Neutralisator Salahudin Nezirovic, Jakub Osmic, Indira Buljubasic, Amira Serifovic-Trbalic,  Bekir Nezirovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Manipulator Used in the Microfactory Ion Lungu, Csibi Vencel (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Method of Web Conceptual Design Based on a Shared Context of Knowing Design Artifacts Eduard Napalkov (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
English Learning via M-Learning Tool Y.Batu Salman*, Adem Karahoca*, Ji Young Kim** (*Turkey, **S.Korea) pdfdownload PDF
Route to CMMI in Turkish Software Companies Y.Batu Salman*, Adem Karahoca*, Hong-In Cheng** (*Turkey, **S.Korea) pdfdownload PDF
Automation and Process Control on the Basis of  FreeScale Microcomputers Vladimir Vasek, Petr Dostalek, Jan Dolinay, Dagmar Janacova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
User Interface Model of Interactive Education Software Dijana Karuovic, Dragica Radosav (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Virtual Instrumentation to Aid Electrical Composite Behaviour under External Stress State Dana Luca Motoc, Catalina Turcu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Active Control Technical Process Optimization Barbu Braun, Ciprian Olteanu, Corneliu Druga (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Virtual Manufacturing and Augmented Virtual Manufacturing in Technical Practice Jozef Novak-Marcincin (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Surface Quality Inspection, Aided by Computer Barbu Braun, Corneliu Druga, Catalina Turcu, Ciprian Olteanu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Effects of Processing Parameters on Hardness of 3D Printed Parts Adis Fajic*, Dragi Tiro*, Tomislav Galeta** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
A New System for Electrochemical Investigations Based on PC and LabVIEW Package Mirjana Rajcic-Vujasinovic, Zoran Stevic, Dejan Antic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Identification of Wheel Profile Irregularities by Means of the Measured Vibrations due to the Passage of a Train Jordi Martinez Miralles, Salvador Cardona i Foix, Maria Antonia De los Santos, Jesus Otero Yugat (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Behaviour of the Elastic Shaft with Des-Equilibrated Disk Related to the Type of Support Shaban A. Buza, Xhevat Perjuci, Kastriot A. Buza, Fevzi Radoniqi, Nysret Avdiu (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Small Strenghtenings and Weakenings on Load Carrying Capacity of Plates Joze Petrisic, Franc Kosel, Tadej Kosel (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Shaft Torsional Oscillations of Large Turbogenerator using MATLAB/SIMULINK Nysret Avdiu, Shaban A. Buza (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Stress Analysis of Model Device for Torsion Adil Muminovic, Isad Saric, Nedzad Repcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Reactions on the Crankshaft Journals of P-4 Massey Fergusson Engine Bashkim Baxhaku, Naser Lajqi, Heset Cakolli, Fehmi Krasniqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Static Stress Modelling in Rubber Sample with and without Artificially Punctured Crack Z. Moskova, M.  Mokrysova, I. Kopal (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Analysis of Field Stresses of Plate with Finite Dimensions that is Equipped with Holes Marcu Fratila, Galaftion Sofonea (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Dynamic Workload Caused by Impacts in the Drive Element Gaps on the Line Rolling Tracks Mustafa Imamovic, Ahmet Hadzipasic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Review of Current Trends in Design of Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage with Frangible Roof to Shell Joint Ismar Hajro, Damir Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Web Thickness on Maximum Rim Stress Gordana Marunic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Theoretical Considerations Concerning Crack of Shafts Luminita Bibire, Codrin Rudolf Cobrea (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Topology Optimization of Lower Tie Bar Bracket of a Car Engine Esmir Mehanović, Sakib Mustafagić, Sabahudin Ekinovic, Edin Begovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
An Approach to Measurement of Axle Sets of Train in Motion Arkadiusz Kolka (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Study of Vibrations Generated by the Passage of a Train. Influence of the Track Dynamic Behavior Jesus Otero Yugat, Jordi Martinez Miralles, Maria Antonia De los Santos, Salvador Cardona i Foix (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Strategies for Controlling Elevator Group Systems Berna Bolat, Ilyas Istif,  Mustafa Alisverisci (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Correlations Between Mechanical Vibrations and Human Health Daniela Mariana Barbu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation of the Human Behaviour in a Medium Polluted by Shocks and Vibrations Daniela Mariana Barbu, Ion Barbu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Laboratory for Length Measurement- Standard ISO 17025:2005 - Orientation to Success Almira Softic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Inverter-Electromagnetic Vibrator System Used in Vibrocompacting Technology Horia Balan, Aurel Botezan, Ioan Vadan, Radu Tirnovan, Victor Proca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Number of Teeth Ingrained Between the Belt and Pulley on the Teeth Load of Transmitters with Jagged Belts Azem Kycyku, Nijazi Ibrahimi, Heset Cakolli, Avdi Salihu (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
The Energy Balance Procedure for Modeling Nonlinear Self-Excitation Oscillations Seniha Karic, Avdo Voloder, Dusan Vukojevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Aspects Regarding to the Stiffness of the Wood Panels Used on Precast Wooden Houses Ioan Curtu, Mariana Domnica Stanciu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Concerning the Acoustic Properties of Tone Wood Used on Musical Instruments Structures Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Ioan Curtu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Regarding the Influence of the Moulding-Casting Technology of the Rolling Mill Cylinders Ana Josan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Situation of Tie Rod Ends Failing Prematurely Due to Dust Boot Failure with Soft PVC and Neoprene Mustafa Selcuk Keskin, Sedat Bingol, Ahmet Karaaslan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Regarding on New Ball-Bearings Having a Modified Internal Geometry (Part 1) Dan Savescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Implementation of New Analyzers M. Sarenac, R. Antunovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
About Kinetic Theory of the Elasticity of Rubber Luciu Alexandrescu, Vasile Ciofoaia (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Quo Vadis Combat Helmet ? Bozo Bujanic, Alojz Sestan (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Different Parameters on Sliding Speed and Specific Sliding at Gear Pair with External Meshing Sadullah Avdiu, Nijazi Ibrahimi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Elastohydrodinamic Lubricant Film Forming of Different Bearings Ilknur Keskin, Meral Bayraktar, Oktay Azeloglu (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
About Kinematical Description in the Polygonal Holes Drilling Miodrag Z. Zlokolica, Maja V. Cavic, Milan D. Kostic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Case of Slider-Crank Mechanism Syntehesis Milan D. Kostic, Maja V. Cavic, Miodrag Ž. Zlokolica (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
The Experimental Effects of the Friction to the Sonic Flow in the System Formed by Two Serial Capacity Cylinders and One Friction Resistance Carmen Bal, Nicolae Bal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Metal Spraying - A Method for Improve Sliding Bearing Properties Roxana Nedelcu, Marian Bunea, Paul Lixandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental and Theoretical Research of Rotor Systems with Adaptive Liquid-Friction Bearings Vladas Vekteris, Audrius Cereska, Mindaugas Jurevicius (Lithuania) pdfdownload PDF
Tribological Characteristics of Gears Reparatorily Hardfaced with Hard and Soft Additional Materials Svetislav Lj. Markovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Researches Regarding of using Engineering Plastic Product in Cooling Bed Rolling Mill Construction Erika Ardelean, Marius Ardelean, Isidor Prejban (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Usage Ratio of Fillet Planetary Transmitter Compared to Cylindrical Planetary Transmitter Nijazi Ibrahimi, Sadullah Avdiu (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Studying Influence of the Load Horizontal Movement in Dynamic Behaviour of Tower Cranes using Finite Elements Applications Musli Z. Bajraktari, Ilir R. Doci (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Regarding on New Ball-Bearings Having a Modified Internal Geometry (Part 3) Dan Savescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Preliminary Study of Tubular Expansion using Finite Element Methods Hirpa L. Gelgele (Norway) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamic Conditions of Contact of Elements of Mechanism with Rotational Cam and Rotational Bar Avdo Voloder, Maida Cohodar, Seniha Karic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Screw Motion of Some Basic Kinematic Blocks Through Dual-Vector Algebra Kastriot Buza,* Agim Anxhaku**, Ismajl Gojani*, Arbnor Pajaziti* (*Kosova, **Albania) pdfdownload PDF
Regarding on New Ball-Bearings Having a Modified Internal Geometry (Part 2) Dan Savescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Particular Structures and Mechanisms Involved in a Handgun Semiautomatic Functioning Marius-Valeriu Cirmaci, Octavian Orban (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Kinematical and Dynamic Aspects of a Cycloidal Planetary Reducer with Modified Structure Mircea Neagoe, Dorin Diaconescu, Lucia Pascale (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Structural-Kinematic Modeling of Human Body Ankle Joint Mechanical Systems-Part II Petre Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Loadings which Act on a Romanian Jack-Up Structure in the Black Sea Georgica Slamnoiu, Niculae Alexe, Gabriel Vladu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Using the F.E.M. Method in Statical Analysis for a Romanian Jack-Up structure in the Black Sea Georgica Slamnoiu, Niculae Alexe, Gabriel Vladu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
FEM Model of Chip Formation Process with Failure Effects Wojciech Mieszczak (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
˝Fluid Cushion˝ - Ergonomic Seat Fikret Veljovic, Hadis Bajric, Ibrahim Veljovic, Mehmed Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Simulation Model of a Ships Pneumatic Valve Zlatan Kulenovic, Zdeslav Juric (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of U-Bending for the Reduction of Springback Bogdan Chirita (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Technologically Improved Strength of Critical Structural Elements of High-Speed Ships Roko Markovina, Branko Blagojevic, Dario Ban (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Behaviour of Refrigerated Products in a Cold Storage Room Matko Bupic, Branimir Pavkovic, Tomislav Jemric (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Experimentally Investigation of Polyurethane Materials Used as Dust Boot in Tie Rod Ends Mustafa Selcuk Keskin, Sedat Bingol, Ahmet Karaaslan (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental and Numerical Study of Perforated Open Steel Sections, Subject to Compression Francesc Roure, Mª  Magdalena Pastor (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Probability Analysis for Rolling Rolls Calculation as per Probabilistic Method Mustafa Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Experimental Research of the Friction Characteristics of the Friction Material Mirsad Colic, Nedzad Repcic, Adil Muminovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental Analysis of Rail Clip Dusan R. Lakovic, Sreten D. Savicevic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Experimental and FEA Research of Stresses on Elements of Helicoidal Shell Shape Sreten Savicevic, Mileta Janjic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Stress-Strain State on Dimensional Accurency in Multi-Stage Extrusion Process of Can-Flanged Part Mladomir Milutinovic*, Dragisa Vilotic*, Tomaz Pepelnjak**, Miroslav Plancak*, Plavka Skakun* (*Serbia), **Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Postbuckling Analysis of Rectangular Plates using Finite Element Method Safet Isic, Vlatko Dolecek, Isak Karabegovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Arhitecture of Finite Elements in Analyses Stress of Tooth Mechanical Structure Dzafer Kudumovic, Lana Kudumovic, Indira Buljubasic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Software Application for Characterization of Viscoplastic Behavior of Metals at High Strain Rates Using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Data Adrian Rotariu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Plastic-Kinematic vs Johnson-Cook Model in FEM Taylor Test Simulation Eugen Trana (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation of Elastic-Plastic Contact of Layered Bodies Salko Cosic*, Tasko Maneski**, Milan Jurkovic** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Serbia, ***Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Analysis of Plastic Yielding in an Anisotropic Plate with a Hole Using Refined Plate Theory Tasneem Pervez, Rafiq A. Siddiqui, Sayyad Z. Qamar,  Farooq Al-Jahwari (Sultanate of Oman) pdfdownload PDF
Reliability Determination of Elastohydrodinamic Lubrication, Affecting the Wearing on Spur Gears in Selection of Lubricant Viscosity Mustafa Selcuk Keskin, Nihat Gemalmayan, Sedat Bingol (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Design Parameter Optimisation and Computer-Aided Simulation of Belt Conveyors Ismail Gerdemeli, A.Burak Erdil, Derya Ozer (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Computer-Aided Modelling and Stress Analysis for Crane Crossheads A.Burak Erdil, Derya Ozer, Ismail Gerdemeli (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Approach to 3-D Modelling and Stress Analysis for Crane Lifting Hooks Derya Ozer, A.Burak Erdil, Ismail Gerdemeli (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Solutions for the Problem of the Semi-Infinite Body Daniela Florescu, Iulian Florescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Finite Element Approach to Stress Analysis for Elevator Car Sling Yusuf Aytac Onur, C. Erdem Imrak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Computer Aided Design of Helical Gears with Asymmetric Involute Teeth M. Cuneyt Fetvaci, C. Erdem Imrak (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling and Analysis of Axial Loaded Wire Rope Strand Using the Finite Element Method C. Erdem Imrak, Ozgur Senturk (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Comparisson Between Interpolating Polynomials with Velocity Constraints and Continuous Acceleration at Path Points of End Effector Vlatko Dolecek, Armin Hadzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Automated Tightening of Threaded Joints and Testing Natalija Mozga, Francis Sudnieks (Latvia) pdfdownload PDF
Torsional Vibrations of the Mechanical System Submitted to the Compound External Periodic Excitation Salkan Rahmanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Structural Integrity Assessment of Thick Wall Pressure Vessel by Failure Assessment Diagramme Nedeljko Vukojevic, Dusan Vukojevic, Zlatan Istvanic, Seniha Hadzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Researches upon Thermo-Mechanical Stresses to the Hot Rolling Mills Cylinders Camelia B. Pinca, Gelu O. Tirian (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation for Group Brainstorming in Design Nedzad Repcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Tools for Numerical Analysis: Motion-Analysis and FEA Shown on the Above-Knee Prosthesis Alma Ziga, Nermina Zaimovic-Uzunovic, Remzo Dedic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Some Theoretical Aspects about Normal Cycle Gait Ciprian Radu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Normal Cycle Gait Analysis using a Force Plate Ciprian Radu, Mihaela Baritz (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Structural-Kinematic Modeling of Human Body Ankle Joint Mechanical Systems-Part I Petre Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Comparative Study upon Stress and Strain in Femoral and Tibia Bones, for Different Age Persons, using Extensometers and F.E.M. Valentin Zichil (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Comparative Study upon Fracture Resistance at Femoral and Tibia Bones, for Different Age Persons Valentin Zichil, Carmen Savin, Aurelian Albut, Adrian Judele (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Biological Anthropology and Applied Anthropometry - Ergonomics and Ergonomic Anthropometry - Work Study Miroslav Car (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
New Approach for Elbow Prosthesis Technology Ileana Rosca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Some Considerations on Optimal Diameter of a Mechanical Valve Prosthesis and Its Quality Evaluation Parameters Ileana Rosca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Constructive and Technological Criteria for Producing Windturbines in West Balkans Elvir Zlomusica, Mehmed Behmen, Fuad Catovic, Enes Sarac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Electric Energy Quality - Analysis of Connecting Electro-Arched Furnace to Charge Grid Problem Dragan V. Brajovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Testing Algorithm for Negative Asymmetry Coefficient Calculus for a Steinmetz Symmetrizing Circuit Antoniu Claudiu Turcu, Virgil Maier, Sorin Gheorghe Pavel (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Control System Design of a Single Phased Power Receiver for the Compensating-Symmetrizing Process Virgil Maier, Antoniu Claudiu Turcu, Sorin Gheorghe Pavel (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Compensation of the Harmonics in Power System Voltage Habi, M. Bouguerra, D. Ouahdi (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Different Approaches to Power Transformer Thermal Modelling Izudin Kapetanovic, Majda Tešanovic, Mensur Kasumovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
On the Incidence Angle Optimization of the Dual-Axis Solar Trackers Ion Visa, Dorin V. Diaconescu, Valentina M. Dinicu, Bogdan G. Burduhos (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Speed Multipliers Varinats Used in Wind Turbines and Hydro-Power Stations Codruta Jaliu, Dorin Diaconescu, Radu Saulescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Wireless System of Working Achievement Control and Products in Production Operation M. Adamek , M. Matysek, T. Halabala (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Experimental Study by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry of Resonant Frequencies and Mode Shapes for Square Laminate Plates with Rounded Corners and Chamfers Sona Rusnakova, Jan Bezecny, Norbert Krecmer (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Hardware and Software of Bipolar Current Source Controled by PC Zoran Stevic, Mirjana Rajcic-Vujasinovic, Dejan Antic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
DC Brushless Drive System Suitable for Vehicle Propulsion Marius Georgescu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of the Resources at Assembling Flexible System of Electromotors Mirlind Bruqi*, Abdyl Bunjaku*, Shaban A. Buza*, Kemal Stuja** (*Kosova, **Austria) pdfdownload PDF
Anodic Depositions of Composits Electrode PbO2/CoOx on Substrat of Titanium Sead Catic*, Amra Odobasic*, Hatidza Pasalic*, Amra Bratovcic*, Josip Pavkovic** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Dynamic Analysis & Simulation of the Photovoltaic Tracking Systems Catalin Alexandru (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Design of the Photovoltaic Tracking Systems by Considering the Energy Balance Catalin Alexandru, Claudiu Pozna (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization of the Structures of the Electric Feeder Systems of the Oil Pumping Plants in (Algeria) Mourad Bouguerra, Idir Habi, Ferhat Laaouad, Rachid Azaizia (Algeria) pdfdownload PDF
Ash Pneumetic Transport under Electrofilters of Unit 5 Thermal Power Plant Tuzla Halima Hadziahmetovic, Raza Sunulahpasic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Automation System of Solar-Heating-Cooling Plant Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Renewable Energy for Clean and Sustainable Future: Assessment and Development Strategies of Wind Power in Turkey Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Maize Cobs Processor – Preparations for Its Use as a Fuel Milan Martinov, Branislav Veselinov, Savo Bojic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Reaction Kinetics on the Chemical Batch Process Safety Lubomir Macku, Milan Adamek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Different Approaches to Chemical Exothermic Batch Reactor Control Lubomir Macku, David Samek, David Novosad (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Model Building for Prediction of Heat Supply Daily Diagram Bronislav Chramcov, Jaroslav Balate (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Research Concerning design of High Efficiency Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Ionel Olaru, Codrin Cobrea (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Model for Calculation of Characteristic Parmeters for the Marine Motors Naser Lajqi, Bashkim Baxhaku, Shpetim Lajqi (Kosova) pdfdownload PDF
Water-Cooled Pulse Combustor Performances N. Hodzic, S. Metovic, I. Smajevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Characteristics of Non-Stationary Thermal Stresses in Steam Turbine Rotor at Rear-end Labyrinth Gland Zvonimir Guzovic, Stanislav Sviderek, Tihomir Mihalic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Joule-Thomson Coefficient of Argon from Speed of Sound Muhamed Bijedic, Nagib Neimarlija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Joule-Thomson Coefficient of Nitrogen from Speed of Sound Muhamed Bijedic, Nagib Neimarlija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
An Explanation for the Indivisibility of the Planck's Quantum by EVTD2 Entities Theory Ileana Rosca, Michel Conte (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Electrical Characteristics in Electrostatic Precipitator with Shaped Collecting Electrodes Namir Neimarlija, Ejub Dzaferovic, Nusret Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Rotation Less Device of Measurement of Wind Force and Direction Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Usefullness of Under Controlled Powers M.Oktay Alniak, Ibrahim Gunes, Gunes Kursun (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Study of a Shotblasting Turbine's Efficiency Ales Hribernik, Bojan Acko, Gorazd Bombek (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
Combustion Efficiency of a Small-Scale CFB Afsin Gungor (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Milan Hofreiter (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Discretization of Non-Linear Reaction-Diffuzion Problem Enes Duvnjakovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Essential Facets of Database Performance Rodica M. Cadareanu, Sorin C. Zamfira (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
SQL Reporting Services for Data Acquisition Rodica M. Cadareanu, Sorin C. Zamfira (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Studies and Researches Regarding the Liquid Propellant Ballistic Systems Titica F. Vasile, Doru Gh. Safta, Cristian A. Barbu (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Adaptive Control of Interconnected Liquid Tanks Marek Kubalcik, Vladimir Bobal, Jakub Korab (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Sound Insulation Glazing Zijad Pasic, Ilhan Busatlic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation and Verification of Laboratory Fermenter for Instalation of Gas Sensors Radek Sedlacik, Marie Dvorackova, Frantisek Hruska (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Functional Model and Simulation of Pneumatic Model, Afferent to Prehansion Vacuum Device Pavel D. Tocut, Petru A. Pop, Radu C. Tarca (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
A Mathematical Approach of the Reynolds Equation for Axial Tilting Pad Bearings Ioan C. Tarca, Voichita I. Hule (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
The Theoretical Effect About the Friction in the Sonic Flow Carmen Bal (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Steel Ladles during Casting Ana Socalici, Vasile Putan, Ana Josan (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Spin of the Vuk-T Sailplane Dragan Cvetkovic, Caslav Mitrovic, Dragoljub Bekric (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
CFD Investigation of Normal Jet in a Crossflow by Using Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model Seyfettin Bayraktar, Tamer Yilmaz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Investigation of the Effects of Turbulence on a 2-D Rib Roughened Pipe Meral Bayraktar, Seyfettin Bayraktar, Tamer Yilmaz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Large Eddy Simulation and Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Approaches of Rib Roughened Channel Seyfettin Bayraktar, Nurten Vardar, Yavuz Hakan Ozdemir (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of the Number of Finite Volumes and Mesh Refinement on Δp-Q Characteristics in the Analysis Hydraulic Oil Flow Through the Chambers and Channels of Cylindrical Piston Distributing Valve Nedim Hodzic, Elma Ekinovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Sinusoidal Sweep Control of an Improved Pneumatic Suspension A.J. Nieto, A.L. Morales, R. Moreno, J.M. Chicharro, P. Pintado (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
One Dimensional Simulation of Capsule Train Flow Afsin Gungor, Nurdil Eskin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Reducing CO/HC Emissions in Two Stroke Two Wheelers Berna Bolat, Tansel Bolat (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Distribution Coefficients of Metals in Soil and Plants as Indicators of Physical – Chemical Properties of Soil Nusreta Djonlagic, Husejin Keran (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Modelling of Drainage Out of Slag and Ash Waste Dump Izet Zigic, Mevludin Avdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Stabilisation of Rock and Ground Water Level at the Salt Deposit of Tuzla Izet Zigic, Dinka Pasic-Skripic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Optimal Design and Performance Analysis of a Refrigeration System for a Fruit Storage Petar Leko, Branimir Pavkovic, Matko Bupic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of the Tensile Strength of Magnesium Phosphate Cements Containing Different Metals using the Brazilian Test Irene Buj Corral, Josep Torras Grane, Daniel Casellas Padro, Miquel Rovira Boixaderas, Joan de Pablo Ribas (Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Quality Status of Ambiental Air in the Connection to Medical Visits of School Children and Youth Smajil Durmisevic, Jasminka Serdarevic-Durmisevic, Zarema Obradovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Suplement to the Transport and Warehosing Development of Edible Oil Dragisa Tolmac, Slavica Prvulovic, Ljiljana Z. Radovanovic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Numerical Modeling of Energy Eficiency Parameters in the Working Environment by T-RANS Approach Rajfa Musemic, Goran Krstovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Treatment of Waste Water Obtained in Process for Precious Metals Recovery for Anode Slime Radojka Jonovic, Radmila Markovic, Ljiljana Avramovic, Milorad Petkovic, Milos Janosevic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Application of Artificial Immune Systems for Data Classification Malgorzata Galek, Andrzej Sokolowski (Poland) pdfdownload PDF
Assessing Biodegradability of PVAL/Starch Blends in an Anaerobic Environment Marie Dvorackova*, Jitka Hubackova*, Pavol Alexy** (*Czech Republic, **Slovakia) pdfdownload PDF
Determination of Lead and Copper in Salt Lake PANONNICA by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Nusreta Djonlagic, Amra Odobasic, Amra Bratovcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Management of Protection Health and Safety of Work Risk in Maintenance Process Miodrag Bulatovic, Dusan Djurovic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Purification of the Metallurgical Wastewater from Copper Mining and Smelting Complex Bor Radmila T. Markovic, Suzana S. Dragulovic, Vlastimir K. Trujic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Environmental Accounting Lucia Liberkova, Jan Dobrovic (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Properties of Plywood for Some Areas of Usage in Wooden Construction Salah Eldien Omer*, Minka Cehic**, Atif Hodzic** (*Croatia, **Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
Is There Potential for Waste Wood Commercial Utilisation in Central Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismar Alagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) pdfdownload PDF
The Use of the Virtual Instrumentation for the Farming Management Catalina Turcu, Ciprian Olteanu, Braun Barbu, Corneliu Druga (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
Some Words about Wood Excellence Center as Top-Priority Project of Central Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismar Alagic*, Darko Petkovic*, Thomas Stautmeister**, Kurt Wuthrich** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Switzerland) pdfdownload PDF
Underground Utility Analysis and Soil Characterization using Ground Penetrating Radar Dusan Petrovacki, Aleksandar Ristic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Impulse Impedance of a Long Linear Ground in Non Linear Soil Dojcilo D. Sretenovic, Jeroslav M. Zivanic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation of Hydrophilic Ester-Based Monomers by the Addition Reaction of Epoxides and Carboxylic Acids Rahula Janis, Pavlina Vltavska, Jiri Krejci, Vera Kasparkova, Lenka Navratilova, Jana Bobalova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Direct and Indirect Modeling in Amaranth Biomass Processing Klara Kodrikova, Karel Kolomaznik (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Optimization and Automation of Tannery Processes – Deliming of White Hide Dagmar Janacova, Karel Kolomaznik, Pavel Mokrejs,  (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Information Technology in Education Roman Stroka, Jan Moravec (Slovak Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Remote Monitoring and Controlling via the GSM Network GPRS Data Transfer Miroslav Matysek, Milan Adamek, Petr Neumann, Jan Hamrlicek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Electrical Energy Markets in Turkey Ayhan Albostan, Sıtkı Güner (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Transfer Matrix Determination of the System of Collagen Crosslinking with Aldehydes Described by Mathematical Model of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Milan Navratil, Karel Kolomaznik, Vojtech Kresalek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
System of Integrated Prenatal Care V. Dolinay, M. Lampart, V. Vasek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Production Data Management in CIM Area Marina B. Mijanovic Markus (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
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The Effect of Variable Loading on the Behaviour of Alloyed Steel for High Temperature Application Meri Burzic, Marina Kutin, Mirjana Puharic (Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Influence of Operating Conditions on High-Cycle Fatigue Properties of High Alloyed Steel X20 Dzenana Gaco*, Meri Burzic**, Radica Prokic-Cvetkovic** (*Bosnia and Herzegovina, **Serbia) pdfdownload PDF
Design of the Sensory System for Audio Source Localization Petr Dostalek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Educational Models for Lessons of Microcontroller Programming Jan Dolinay, Petr Dostalek, Vladimir Vasek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Control of Oil Pressure in Test Room for Car Tubes Korab Jakub, Kubalcik Marek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
The Influence of Hardening Treatment on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Nodular Cast Iron Ivica Kladaric, Dragomir Krumes, Radojka Markovic, Tomislav Ljubek (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Robust Control of Uncertain Time-Delay Systems Radek Matusu, Roman Prokop (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Control of Bioprocesses in Laboratory Fermenter Radek Sedlacik, Marie Dvorackova, Jiri Sramek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Game Theory in Public Choice Nevenka Glisevic, Svetlana Rakocevic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Laboratory for Programable Controller Programming Education Tomas Sysala, Pavel Navratil (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
One of Possible Approach to Solution of Computer Aided Education for Area of Automatic Control P. Navratil, J. Balate, T. Sysala (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
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Rheology of Ceramic-Powder-Filled Polymer Melts Berenika Hausnerova, Takeshi Kitano, Michal Machovsky, Petr Saha (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
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Case Study of Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains Borut Buchmeister, Andrej Polajnar, Marjan Leber, Tomaz Rojs (Slovenia) pdfdownload PDF
AHP Method for Optimal Decision Making Problem in Multicriteria Programming Svetlana Rakocevic, Zdenka Dragasevic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Welded Joints Ct.20 (GOST) with ATIG Process of Welding Darko R. Bajic (Montenegro) pdfdownload PDF
Visualization with the DirectX Pavel Pokorny (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Treatment Regarding the Maintenance of Railway Rails Ivan Vitez, Ivan Budic, Vlatko Marusic (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF
Analysis of Vibrations using Wavelet Transform and STFT to Characterize Defects in Wheel-Rail Contact Elkin G. Florez*, Salvador Cardona**, Lluisa Jordi** (*Colombia, **Spain) pdfdownload PDF
Preparation of Non-Polar Derivatives of 1-Monoacylglycerols Pavlina Vltavska, Rahula Janis, Jiri Krejci, Jana Bobalova (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Multilingual Virtual Control Laboratory Milan Hofreiter, Ruzena Petrova, David Urbanek (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Microstructure of Ultrafine-Grained Metals After Ecap Miroslav Greger (Czech Republic) pdfdownload PDF
Workforce Planning with Genetic Algorithms in a University Department F. Tunc Bozbura, Ahmet Beskese, Cihan Ozdemir (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Determining the Priorities of the Criteria of EFQM’s Excellence Model to Best Fit the Turkish Context Ahmet Beskese, F. Tunc Bozbura, Nevra Avlanmaz (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Thickness and Temperatures Effects on Structural Properties of Mg-Doped ZnO Films by SOL-GEL Process Ali Güngör, Lütfi Arda (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Charpy Tests in Case of the Glass Reinforced Composites Camelia Cerbu, D. Motoc (Romania) pdfdownload PDF
A New Correlation of the Heat Transfer Coefficient on Two-Phase Flow in Vertical Tubes Kemal Altinişik, Kemal Aldaş, Muhittin Tekin, Şenay Yalçin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Exergy Analysis of Use of Natural Gas Supported Hydrogen in Condensing Combies Kemal Altinişik, Dilek Nur Özen, Şeçil Şirin, Şenay Yalçin, Alper Altinişik (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Three Dimensional Heat Transfer Analysis of Aluminium  Metal Foam Heat Exchangers Kemal Altinişik, Ahmet Ali Sertkaya, Alper Altinişik, Şenay Yalçin (Turkey) pdfdownload PDF
Neural Network Application Feasibility in Graphic Reproduction Processes Damir Modrić, Diana Milčić, Dubravko Banić, (Croatia) pdfdownload PDF